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We Understand The Challenges Faced In The Utility Industry

Utility companies are quickly adapting to a changing business environment that includes evolving environmental, health and safety laws, regulations and standards, aging infrastructure, and customer demands for cleaner energy sources. These companies are employing vast amounts of capital to upgrade existing facilities and infrastructure as well as to build out new clean and renewable energy generation. EHS professionals in this sector are tasked with ensuring regulatory compliance, minimizing and mitigating operational risks, and keeping people and the environment protected

Cority helps you protect your employees and the environment

Cority’s EHS software solutions empower utility and energy companies around the world to keep their employees safe and healthy, manage compliance with safety and environmental laws and regulations, and improve operational efficiencies. Our solutions help you manage your regulatory requirements and industry standards such as ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 to help drive continuous improvement. We give EHS professionals visibility into how their programs are performing and help to ensure that work is getting done.

Cority Knows Utilities

While working with over 70 utility and energy companies for more than two decades. Cority has built a deep understanding of their critical business processes and how to transform them into a digital environment.

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Cority Understands Utility Data

Utility companies manage large volumes of data across many EHS business processes. Cority helps utilities manage information in order to make data-driven business decisions, which is critical to maintaining compliance, improve operations and anticipating issues before they arise.

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How the utility industries are managing EHS with Cority

Gain efficiencies and reduce the amount of time it takes for EHS and operations teams to conduct audits, assessments and inspections. Uniformly deploy standardized processes for environmental, health and safety inspections across facilities. Easily track completion of assessments and corrective actions, gain visibility into trends and compare facility performance.

Eliminate surprises by managing activities from permits, spills, audits, inspections, and other EHS-related programs. Storing tasks and activities in a single place enables EHS teams to stay on top of regulatory deadlines and obligations, avoid expensive fines and help demonstrate compliance to regulators. Centralized dashboards provide visibility into the status of task completion and provide data that enables performance benchmarking across plants to help drive improvement.

Keep your employees safe and boost overall compliance by managing hazardous substances cradle to grave. Mitigate risks before chemicals are brought onsite. Store, and analyze chemical data to easily access spill, fire control, and disposal measures, create reports and make quick, informed decisions about how to best manage chemicals/materials for maximum return and minimal risk exposure, helping you to lower costs and streamline operations. Accurately track chemical quantities, container lifecycles, and ingredient threshold limits down to the site level.

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Effectively manage emergency response in a single streamlined application with real-time reporting, incident/event tracking, communication with stakeholders, and future risk assessment and prevention. Enable employees to easily collect emergency information in the field on any mobile device. Analyze all incidents across any level within an organization, with drill down to specific details.

Use the same source data and equipment modeling to calculate requisite federal, state, and voluntary program numbers. Track direct and indirect sources using standard calculation methodologies, emission factors, and reports required for standard programs such as the EPA’s Mandatory Reporting Rule.

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Digitized data allows utility and energy companies to access shipment and container information anytime, from anywhere to ensure accuracy and make short and long-term operational decisions. Avoid violation notices and meet reporting deadlines by accurately and transparently tracking waste storage locations and limits, type of wastes on site and time stored on site.

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Whether spills are occurring out on the road or around tanks at your facilities, accurately documenting and tracking spills and releases allows you to analyze your spill data, target areas for improvement and identify training opportunities across facilities to help prevent future spills.

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Reliably report your carbon footprint in your sustainability and ESG reports with accurate greenhouse gas emissions and other sustainability metrics. From accelerating calculations and reporting to streamlining processes, Cority helps you run responsibly while making the most of resources.

Stay in compliance with your Title V permits by managing thousands of requirements in one place, giving visibility into compliance across all facilities, or within each facility or asset. Use Cority’s emissions factor libraries based on AP42 and build custom calculations as needed. If potential deviations occur, get notified and meet reporting requirements with submission ready formats.

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Plan and build risk assessment programs and perform ongoing analysis to continuously evaluate and mitigate industrial hygiene risk.

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Use existing data to calculate and report on TRI chemicals, easily determine where reporting thresholds have been exceeded, and create the required TRI reports and Form Rs for direct electronic submittal.

Easily manage your regulatory requirements across all of your plants and permits including NPDES permits, industrial permits and state drinking water regulations. Integrate lab data and use robust calculation capabilities determine min, max and average, and handle qualifiers. Streamline time-consuming reporting tasks with data outputs that meet reporting requirements including eDMR.

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For each task in a job, identify and document the potential hazards and controls in place. Prioritize hazards and proposed controls, ensuring focus on key job safety activities that have the biggest impact possible to keep workers healthy, safe and productive.

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Streamline management of compliance, process safety, and functional risks arising from facility, equipment, and process changes, including change screening, evaluation, review and approval, execution, and follow-up.

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Mitigate risks, reduce costs associated with illnesses and injuries, and—most importantly— ensure your employees aren’t exposed to hazards beyond safe levels across all your facilities.

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Create sample data, build survey plans based on risk data, and automatically create findings and corrective actions to reduce industrial hygiene risk to employees.

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Record test results directly from testing units, automatically recall employees for testing, and review test records to gain a full picture of employees’ respiratory health.

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Streamline the way you collect and store quantitative sample data and perform comprehensive analysis to manage and mitigate employee exposures.

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Manage hearing conservation programs by capturing test results directly from test equipment and automatically recalling employees for testing to gain a full picture of employees’ hearing health.

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Streamline the tracking of injuries and illnesses, monitor and analyze trends, mitigate absences, and manage regulatory requirements. From travel clearance to immunizations, vision testing and case management, Cority enables your employees to be more productive, and help your employees return home safely.

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Improve employee productivity, well-being, and safety performance by implementing a risk-based office ergonomics program to understand ergonomic risks and easily manage cases that arise. Promote healthy office behaviors, spend less time on administrative tasks and lower claim costs with real-time data.

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Leading Utility Companies Trust Cority

All of our data is in one spot…it makes it much easier to stay in compliance

Tri-State Generation
All of our data is in one spot. Since all waste containers are visible in cority, it makes it much easier to stay in compliance with storage time limits.

Environmental Specialist
The Cority reporting database made it easier for the environmental coordinators to map out each day’s work using the status reports generated.

Environmental Specialist, Eversource Energy
Our goal is for every employee to return home unhurt. Having a tool such as Cority that can track cases, help identify root causes and create a corrective action plan to correct issues will be a powerful weapon in our arsenal.

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How Cority Customers Are Managing EHS

How Our Customers Simplify EHS Projects with Cority

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