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As an Occupational Health professional, we know your role is both challenging and critically important. You’re tasked to oversee the health & well-being of the workforce to ensure they remain both illness-free and productive. But this task is often made much more difficult due to reliance on outdated systems, faulty and error-prone data, a lack of visibility to the information you need to make decisions, not to mention time-consuming and cumbersome reporting.

These issues also make it difficult to comply with regulatory requirements, deliver health and wellness programs effectively, and keep your workplace healthy and on-the-job. The lack of an effective occupational health programs can be extremely costly – lost time injuries and illnesses account for 4% of global GDP!

Show your value. As the undisputed leader in Occupational Health management software, Cority is your key to success.

To help you improve employee health and productivity, Cority’s Occupational Health software solution helps your business manage all aspects of employee health and wellness with confidence and ease. Our solution helps you manage injuries and illness, support return-to-work, manage regulatory compliance and monitor and analyze trends to help identify risks to workforce health and wellness.

The most comprehensive on the market, Cority’s OH software is purpose-built by occupational health nurses, physicians, case managers, and risk management experts. With over 30 years of experience partnering with Fortune 500 companies and high-profile government organizations, Cority is proud to be the leader in occupational health management software.

Work with our Employee Health Software to improve how you manage occupational health systems, enable your employees to be more productive, and help your employees return home safely each and every day.

Integrated and Centralized Data

Streamlined and Automated Processes

Actionable Insights with Reporting

Cority’s market-leading Occupational Health solution enables you to:

 Implement or streamline electronic medical record keeping, supporting accuracy and compliance.

Increase clinic productivity with valuable features such as auto e-mail notifications, business rules, predictive text, note templates, interfaces with medical testing equipment, and more.

Integrate medical, case management and safety data to eliminate redundant data entry, improve communications, and ensure data accuracy when an employee is sick, injured or absent.

Manage medical surveillance with an advanced scheduler that allows you to create the surveillance activity, set up exposure groups, and automatically notify the employee(s) being recalled as many times as required.

Measure and trend clinic utilization and employee health with robust reporting capabilities.

Mitigate absences and claims and be able to demonstrate ROI from your case management programs.

Standardize employee health data management across multiple sites or countries.

Submit orders and print off prescriptions, and access and print drug profiles and data sheets during the order process.

Gain one-stop access to an employee’s complete medical history via the Medical Chart Module.

Easily visualize key indicators and priority activities with a personalized medical dashboard.

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Occupational Health Software Modules

Track and manage staff exposures to splashes, sharps, and needlesticks to mitigate harm to exposed employees.

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Create clinical testing batteries, track and record clinical testing sample details, and report on results to identify insight that will help you make better health decisions for employees.

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Cority’s occupational health software now provides an expansive drug database and ePrescription functionality for Cority-hosted, U.S. clients. Licensed users with the appropriate role will have access to the drug database and be able to transmit employee medication orders to pharmacies electronically.

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With Cority’s occupational health software, create immunization campaigns and track detailed immunization information to prevent illnesses and keep employees healthy.

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Track employee data using an electronic record that consolidates all Occupational Health systems information in order to get quick access and make better health decisions.


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Manage medical equipment that should be tracked, calibrated, inspected, or maintained to get peace of mind knowing that your equipment is reliable.


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Streamline clinical scheduling using a dynamic appointment calendar to spend less time on scheduling and more time on helping employees be healthy.

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Manage the required immunization and travel kits to reduce the overhead for providing clearances and ensure that employees are medically prepared for travel.

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Track, store, and report on employee x-ray results or other imaging types from a central access point to identify potential injuries or illnesses.

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Capture testing details and results through direct interface with audiometers to gain a more complete picture of employees’ hearing health.

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Empower your case managers to restore employees’ health and help them return to work by coordinating care in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

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Track and manage all activities and health data related to employee visits to health clinics to gain a complete view of employees’ health from one centralized location.

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Run deliberate and random drug and alcohol tests for a specific pool of employees to streamline the process of fulfilling D&A test requirements and collecting accurate data

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Track all vaccines and medications in a single spot and use workflows to restock items effectively, giving you greater peace of mind knowing you have the materials you need when you need them.

Streamline the way you manage surveillance programs using automated workflows and notifications to monitor employees’ health and define mitigation and prevention activities.

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Manage all employee pulmonary function tests and interface directly with spirometers to promote better lung health amongst employees.

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Streamline the way you manage similar exposure groups to get peace of mind knowing that you can define groups accurately and manage employee exposure effectively.

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With Cority’s OH software, record and manage employee vision tests and identify vision issues to gain an understanding of your staff’s eye health and find harm-reduction opportunities.

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