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Aerospace & Defense companies must look for ways to continuously improve their operations in order to gain a competitive advantage. Top constraints to achieving this include: optimizing total productions costs, compliance with regulations, permits and procedures, managing supply chain, and ensuring that there is a skilled workforce. As part of their continuous improvement efforts and to reduce their EHS risks, business units must be able to communicate with an array of systems, such as ERP, SCADA’s and other control systems, so that they can analyze and share best practices.


Cority’s EHSQ software helps Aerospace & Defense companies streamline and gain visibility across a product’s lifecycle from a single platform. Our solution provides the ability to centralize regulatory driven programs, including; audits, inspections, and other compliance tasking down to the asset level. This information can then be used to identify positive and negative trends, make changes to business processes, and report information to internal and external stakeholders, such as management, agencies, employees, and non-governmental organizations. Cority is designed to help clients streamline and standardized their EHS processes and procedures, which leads to efficiency gains and ultimately cost savings.

Cority Knows Aerospace & Defense

A single platform for documenting and tracking processes across the supply chain and manufacturing floor will ensure your tasks are completed on time. In addition, we provide the functionality to audit against them.

Proactively track against changing regulations down to the asset level to ensure your compliance with ISO 9001 and other standards
All data is gathered into the Cority platform providing a single source for reporting and analytics. These standardized data sets allow for integration with other systems to extend the value of your EHS initiatives.
Conduct proactive risk assessments from multiple operational views and to link risks across job, task, and equipment. Cority can automatically associate risks to Events for ease of investigation and revision.

Employees can investigate incidents and perform audits from a mobile device whether they are online or offline. This avoids double-entry of data, improves data integrity and provides for real-time knowledge of task completion. Information which can be analyzed and turned into insight.

Configurable, automated workflows assist in the standardization of processes across the organization. They also enable all users to quickly complete actions and assigned tasks – providing immediate insight into task status.

Cority encourages employees to complete EHS activities through an intuitive, ease-to-use interface that encourages adoption. Employees have instant visibility to their “to-do” list with one-click access to input data.

Cority operates in compliance with stringent ISO 27001 standards to protect your corporate data. In addition, we offer role-based settings ensure that only those with access can view sensitive information.

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