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Occupational Health
Industrial Hygiene
Occupational Medicine
Employee Health Solutions
Office Ergonomics
Learning Management
Pandemic Management
Risk Management
  • Clinic Management

    Maximize OH clinic productivity streamlining clinic visit management with a centralized ‘home base’ for practitioners and admins.

  • Case Management

    Offer coordinated care and support timely and safe return-to-work with tools to manage occupational and non-occupational cases.

  • Wellness Programs Management

    Elevate wellness initiatives—diabetes, fatigue, and mental well-being— effectively via myCority mobile app indicators.

  • Surveillance and Compliance

    Efficiently monitor worker health—streamline surveillance, conduct risk assessments, mass immunizations, and travel clearances.

  • Advanced Analytics

    Gain greater insight into factors underlying incidents, giving you the chance to shift priorities or resources to address issues early.

  • Injury & Illness Reporting

    Automate mandated reports for injuries and instantly generate standard federal, state, and local reports, including OSHA logs.

  • Remote Expert – Telehealth via Zoom

    Deliver virtual occupational health services when and where it is most convenient for employees powered through Zoom.

  • e-Prescription Management

    Access a drug database, transmit employee medication orders to pharmacies electronically or print prescription scripts directly.

  • Business Intelligence

    Use advanced analytics tools to monitor trends and share insights in real-time using easy-to-create reports and dashboard.

  • Exposure Assessment

    Enhance visibility into key risks to make faster, more informed decisions on where to prioritize resources.

  • Survey

    Efficiently manage survey activities and build survey plans to assess exposure to any chemical, biological, or physical stressors.

  • Monitoring

    With mobile-enabled features, complete monitoring tasks, protect data integrity, and automatically identify overexposures.

  • Lab Requisition

    With the ability to batch upload multiple samples and trigger laboratory requisition, fast-track lab analysis.

  • Similar Exposure Group (SEG) Management

    Define and manage SEGs easily to build an accurate view of occupational exposures and pinpoint where to prioritize.

  • Respirator Fit Testing

    Optimize procedures and reduce confusion in selecting respiratory protection, increase fit-testing efficiency and improve compliance.

  • Hearing Fit Testing

    Reduce the risk of noise-induced hearing loss by improving the delivery of effective hearing conservation initiatives.

  • Equipment Management

    Maximize Industrial Hygiene equipment availability & reliability by creating a more effective asset management plan.

  • Industrial Hygiene Calculation Engine

    Design and calculate advanced exposure equations to assess worker exposures against permissible limits and standards, monitoring critical agents such as ionizing radiation and heat stress.

  • Clinic Management

    Leverage self-serve tools that allow for greater configurability to create and edit employer profiles embracing a patient-centric approach.

  • Case Management

    Offer coordinated care and support timely and safe return-to-work with tools to manage occupational and non-occupational cases.

  • Billing and Invoicing

    Leverage self-serve tools for accurate invoicing. Manage fee schedules and health protocols, reducing disputes and write-offs.

  • Workers Compensation Encounter Workflows

    Optimize reimbursement with workflows aligning to state regulations, justifying medical encounters efficiently.

  • Advanced Dashboards

    Configured clinician dashboards optimize visit workflows, while employer dashboards ensure seamless invoice tracking.

  • Clinic Management

    Maximize employee health clinic productivity streamlining clinic visit management with a centralized view for physcians and admins.

  • Injury, Illness, Exposure Management

    Standardize and streamline injury, illness and exposure management and view trends and address common worker injuries and exposures.

  • Case Management

    Offer coordinated care and support timely and safe return-to-work with tools to manage occupational and non-occupational cases.

  • Recruitment and Pre-Placement Services

    Consistently and efficiently manage information gathering, screening and clearance for candidates, re-hires, transfers and new hires.

  • Medical Surveillance

    Streamline health surveillance programs, managing employee health with defined mitigation, prevention, and immunization administration.

  • Immunization Management

    Easily manage workforce vaccinations and track prior and current employee immunity status and documentation.

  • Reporting

    Show regulatory compliance (OSHA, NHSN etc.). Timely data consolidation ensures quick submission, preventing citations and fines.

  • Business Intelligence

    Use advanced analytics tools to monitor trends and share insights in real-time using easy-to-create reports and dashboard.

  • Self-guided Training & Assessments

    Empower workers with greater knowledge of ergonomic design principles so they can detect and resolve ergonomic concerns the moment they’re found.

  • Personalized Recommendations

    Tailored issue resolution guidance delivered to employees based on their unique risk profile.

  • Risk & Discomfort

    Monitor ergonomic risk and discomfort data across your organization in real-time.

  • Hybrid and Remote Work

    Proactively manage risk for all employees regardless of their location with built-in features tailored to flexible work.

  • Reporting

    Easily visualize key ergonomics program metrics to support better decision making.

  • Flexibility

    Configure reports, issue resolution guidance, automated emails, & more.

  • Objective Risk Insights

    Collect computer usage metrics and uncover risk insights at the individual level.

  • Intelligent Break Reminders

    Analyzes computer usage patterns, suggests breaks only when needed, & provides stretching demonstrations to reduce strain.

  • Personalized Guidance

    Address ergonomic risks at-scale with individualized risk mitigation support and coaching features.

  • Hot Keys

    Enables users to perform repetitive actions with a single keypress.

  • Auto Click

    Reduces risk exposure related to grasping & clicking the mouse.

  • Reporting

    Flexible advanced data visualizations support real-time decision making & better risk management.

  • Flexible

    Highly configurable to meet the needs of your organization.

  • Training

    Easily create training course libraries leveraging internal or third-party content in just a few clicks.

  • Assignments

    Efficiently group workers together based on defined criteria and simplify the training assignment process.

  • Course Configuration

    Group courses together in a series to achieve key training objectives and support additive learning.

  • Mobile Accessibility

    Empower employees to control how, when and where learning is achieved, through anywhere, anytime access from a mobile device.

  • Business intelligence

    Accurately track training performance in real-time and uncover key insights to inform business decisions.

  • Mobile self-declaration

    Multiple pre-configured questionnaires, accessible via myCority mobile app, to support critical use cases.

  • Health Surveillance

    Efficiently auto-enroll eligible employees into applicable surveillance groups driving activities.

  • Contact Tracing Features

    Upon identification of a confirmed or suspected exposure, leverage intuitive tools to conduct exposure investigations.

  • Business Intelligence

    Pre-configured advanced dashboards and associated reports to simplify monitoring key health program metrics and reporting to relevant stakeholders.

  • Risk assessment

    Complete dynamic risk assessments following Job Hazard Analysis (JHA), HAZOP or another recognized risk assessment methodologies.

  • Manage risk inputs and outputs

    Track key risk inputs and outputs related to tasks, hazards, control measures and more in a single consolidated record.

  • Employees risk management

    Leverage purpose-built, out-of-the-box tools to guide individuals through risk assessment and management actions.

  • Risk scoring

    Use a powerful and configurable risk calculator to automatically calculate risk scores based on unique requirements. • CorityOne Integration: Link risk data to other solutions across the CorityOne™ platform to drive additional workflow.

Address risk

Assess, measure, and mitigate risk. Harness data to gain insights from advanced analytics. Identify workers not properly protected from workplace hazards and ensure they are enrolled in the correct programs.

Optimize compliance

Ensure the highest level of enterprise-wide compliance by automating processes, programs, and regulatory reporting. Provide relevant compliance information, globally, and the tools to act.

Streamline operations

Reduce busy time. Provide practitioners with the secure tools and insights needed to streamline, automate, and improve industrial hygiene, ergonomics, and employee health operations for better performance.

Prioritize workforce health for operational excellence

Designed to protect our customer’s global workforce from operational risk and streamline, automate, and improve compliance for better worker performance.

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