Management of Change is the process of bringing planned change to an organization. It focuses on how people and teams are affected by change. The Management of Change safety software module will help your organization automate its EHS Management of Change workflows, track the changes you make to your EHS programs, and evaluate the progress and impact of those changes. The module is available in Cority’s Environmental and Safety Suites.

Key Benefits of the Management of Change Safety Software Module

This module will help your organization:

  • Plan for changes to your Environmental and Safety programs
  • Automate the paperwork processes/workflows required to roll out those changes
  • Maintain records related to the changes (i.e., document the changes and related activities)
  • Monitor and evaluate the progress and impact of the changes
  • Improve your change processes for the future

Integration Points

The Management of Change software module integrates with other Cority modules, including Questionnaires and Findings & Actions.

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