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Cority Announces Global Expansion of Waste Management Partnership

Leading Waste Management Software to Support Environmental Performance, Compliance, and Operational Efficiency

Toronto, ON, Mar 12, 2024 – Leading global enterprise EHS (Environment, Health, and Safety) and Sustainability software provider, Cority, announced today its expanded partnership with Shell, a leading energy company. Established in 2019, the partnership will now incorporate Shell’s Real Estate Group into its broader waste management programs, supported by Cority’s Waste Management software solution, to further align with the company’s goals of reducing waste an advancing waste circularity.

The primary objective of the existing waste management software implementation aimed to standardize waste management practices and workflows across Shell’s diverse operations, from smaller outposts to large offshore operations with hazardous waste management needs. The adoption of Cority’s software not only offered a global view of waste management but also facilitated in-depth analysis of waste data, enabling Shell to gain granular insights and track waste movement throughout its operations.

The expansion of Cority’s highly configurable waste management software to Shell’s Real Estate Group, which is responsible for managing over 500 non-hydrocarbon sites worldwide, mainly comprising of corporate offices, and which have significantly different day-to-day operations when compared to production and manufacturing assets, marks an important milestone in the pursuit of a consolidated and more connected view of waste management across the entire company.

“By combining our current software implementation with the recent expansion into the Real Estate Group, we can make further improvements in our operations. The implementation also helps us in working towards our sustainability goals of reducing waste and promoting waste circularity, by providing us with standardised data from a wide range of waste streams,” said Dirk Mosterman,

Supply Chain Lead Waste Management. “Real-time access to metrics comparisons allows us to focus on achieving cost savings through operational efficiencies by gaining new actionable insights into our waste streams and managing them effectively” he adds.

Expansion of Cority’s Waste Management software solution highlights a broader global shift in sustainability reporting as evidenced by new regulatory directives, such as the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) in the EU and California’s SB 253 and 261 Bills. These new regulations aim to hold organizations accountable for Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions (e.g. those generated from direct and indirect operations as well as those indirectly associated across the entire value chain) and comprehensive and verified Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) reporting.

As a result, locations and organizations with perceived lighter sustainability impacts, such as corporate offices and service providers, must now account for all their related impacts.

“At Cority, we’re excited to deepen our collaboration with Shell, expanding our waste management solution to the Shell Real Estate Group worldwide,” said Tjeerd Hendel-Blackford, head of international sales at Cority. “This partnership underscores our joint commitment to promote sustainable practices, create operational efficiencies, and make a significant impact not only within Shell but across the entire energy industry.”

Cority’s Waste Management solution is a part of CorityOne™, an integrated software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform consisting of a comprehensive suite of solutions for managing environmental, health, safety, sustainability, and quality programs.