Water & Industrial Wastewater Management Solution

Cority’s Water Management Solution is designed to help companies centralize, standardize, and streamline their industrial wastewater management programs. With Cority, you’re able to manage analytical data from sampling and industrial wastewater treatment, track permitted discharges from operations, ensure compliance with permit conditions and limits, and calculate wastewater and stormwater discharges for each facility.

Collect and report analytical data industrial wastewater and stormwater for each facility to ensure your industrial wastewater sampling and wastewater management programs are in compliance

Leverage water intake, consumption and discharge data from process historians, SCADA’s and other operational systems through our data exchange solutions to expedite internal and external water and wastewater reporting

Track water intake and wastewater discharges for sustainability reporting

Generate water usage and wastewater reports for agencies

Global Water Management Solution.

Manage industrial wastewater and stormwater permits and required monitoring activities across jurisdictions, including National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) in the US, National Pollution Release Inventory (NPRI) in Canada, and National Pollutant Inventory (NPI) in Australia.

Standardize Processes.

Standardize your industrial wastewater treatment and wastewater management programs, including data collection, lab results, reporting, and documentation in a single system and share data between sites and corporate personnel.

Agency Reporting.

Easily manage Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs), annual reports, permit renewals, and other agency requests.

One Platform, Many Solutions.

Cority’s water management solution is part of our unified ESHQ platform. If you are already using Cority to manage other aspects of health, safety, and quality at your organization, implementation of our wastewater management software is simple., Alternatively, if you’re a new Cority client, you have the option of only implementing the Water Management module, or choosing multiple modules to address all of your corporation’s environmental health, safety, and quality management needs.

leaders in EHSQ

Cority has built its reputation as a leader in the EHSQ software space over four decades. Like all of our SaaS solutions, our water management solution was developed with input from experts in the field of industrial water and wastewater management. The result is a software solution that meets the needs of various industries and adapts to changing regulations while offering an intuitive user experience.

Wastewater management is an important environmental and human health concern for businesses, especially in any industry that involves significant chemical usage. Modern challenges call for a modern solution, which is why it’s imperative to adopt a well-designed, adaptive water management solution.

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