Cority’s Water Management solution helps organizations standardize their water management activities. The water discharge monitoring software facilitates the storing and reporting of analytical data for facility wastewater and storm water calculations. This flow-weighted data is used to create the Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs) for the US.


  • Manage, document, and report activities related to water usage and outputWaste Profile management
  • Ensure compliance with wastewater and storm water regulations enterprise-wide Demonstrate compliance with waste permits, including RCRA for US
  • Generate chemical discharge data for annual Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) reporting for the US
  • Manage multiple requirements, Outfalls, and Parameters within one standardized system
  • Streamline data collection in the field through integration with laboratory systems
  • Generate regulatory agency reports, including Federal netDMR and various State e-DMR reporting programs for US
  • Track and report water consumption data
  • Maintain historical water analysis and reporting documentation

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