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Cority’s robust, market-leading sustainability management and reporting software empowers responsible business decisions with accurate and actionable insights.

Helping you achieve your sustainability goals

For sustainability, ESG, and EHS teams who need to streamline data collection, monitor sustainability impacts, meet reporting requirements, and increase stakeholder visibility.

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Supporting you on your sustainability reporting journey

At Cority, we understand that sustainability and ESG reporting is a journey. That’s why we have built the right technology and have the right expertise to support you every step of the way.


We understand that one size does not fit all. This highly scalable platform grows with your company and your evolving ESG reporting requirements; both now and in the future.


A flexible and customizable solution which will be configured to your organizational structure, your specific reporting requirements so you can access and manage your data, your way.


Engage employees and stakeholders in your sustainability and ESG reporting strategy and share insights that are relevant to them.


Our team of sustainability and ESG experts is here to advise and support you through every milestone of your reporting journey. We’ll be an extension of your sustainability team.

Market-leading sustainability and ESG software solutions

Verdantix Green Quadrant

The 2023 report recognizes Cority for enterprise-wide sustainability and evolving ESG initiatives

Top Product of the Year

2023 – Environment + Energy Leader Honors Cority for Fifth Consecutive Year

Innovative Software Solution Designed to Support Sustainability and ESG Strategies



Data Collection
GHG Calculation
Scope 3 Emissions
Frameworks Mapping
Risks & Opportunities
CDP Reporting
  • Streamline Data Management

    Upload data at any organizational level – e.g. country, region or office – from any data sources including energy, transport, waste, water and fugitive gases.

  • Multiple Capture Options

    Data entry can be automated from existing systems via APIs or SFTP, uploaded by spreadsheet or through the simple data entry form.

  • Audit Trail

    An audit trail of what data has been uploaded, when and by whom is displayed for each emission source, along with the date and time.

  • Data Coverage

    Data coverage dashboards display which data has been provided according to quality metrics (e.g. modelled data, estimation categories, actual data etc.)

  • Custom Metrics

    Using customizable questionnaires, you can collect any metric or KPI required.

  • Data Modelling

    Data can be automatically modelled to plug any data gaps.

  • Data Quality

    Using our data quality dashboards, you can define data thresholds, alerts and approvals so that you have assurance that your data is audit-ready.

  • Scope 1-3 Coverage

    Automatically calculate GHG emissions across all scopes, including value chain and supply chain.

  • Accurate Emissions Factors

    GHG emissions calculated using in-built database of over 1+m emissions factors from international standards including GHG Protocol, Defra, US EPA and IEA.

  • Emissions Dashboards

    Analyse GHG emissions, consumption and cost at any granular level using a range of dedicated dashboards

  • Performance Monitoring

    Actual performance can be monitored compared with a trend line, dynamic base line and against any target that has been set.

  • Scope 3 Solutions

    Cority’s suite of sustainability solutions enable clients to improve on the quality and accuracy of their Scope 3 GHG emissions footprint from across their own operations and their supply chain.

  • GHG Workflow

    Our solutions have GHG workflow integrations to facilitate a centralized Scope 1-3 GHG footprint across your whole business.

  • Dedicated Dashboards

    An integrated approach to addressing Scope 3 emissions calculation and reporting with dedicated GHG Scope 3 category dashboards, dynamic modelling and data aggregation for suppliers and investments.

  • Primary Data Collection

    Capture primary data directly from suppliers and portfolio companies to incorporate into your Scope 3 footprint.

  • Scope 3 Coverage

    Our solutions are mapped to all 15 GHG Protocol Scope 3 categories providing full Scope 3 coverage.

  • Science-based Targets

    Track progress against Science-based targets (SBTs) and monitor progress over time using dedicated targets dashboards.

  • Net-zero Pathways

    Monitor progress on your net-zero targets and track over time using dedicated targets dashboards.

  • Consumption or Emissions

    Targets can be set up to monitor progress over time and be set on absolute or normalized consumption or emissions.

  • Framework Mapping

    Award-winning mapping functions to link content across multiple sustainability reporting frameworks (e.g. SDGs, UNGC, UNPRI) and your own company KPIs.

  • CDP Reporting

    As a CDP gold accredited solution provider, we have accredited content, modules and APIs for gathering, monitoring and reporting questions to CDP.

  • GRI Standards

    Certified by the GRI’s Certified Software and Tools Program, our solutions are designed to meet the requirements of GRI’s standards.

  • Customer Requests

    Maintain a central library of external data requests, from customers, NGOs or investors to keep track of how you’ve responded.

  • Custom Questionnaire Distribution

    Assign and send custom question sets to different stakeholders across the business to collect, manage and analyze qualitative and quantitative data.

  • Tagging

    You can apply framework tags to link data points to multiple frameworks.

  • SASB Standards

    Cority is a SASB Materiality Map and full standards licensee and provides functionality for gathering, monitoring and reporting using the SASB Standards across all 77 industry standards.

  • SDG Mapping

    Collect, manage and report data to help understand your contribution to all 17 of the UN SDGs.

  • Streamline Reporting

    Create, manage and report risks and opportunities associated with climate change and record approaches to governance and strategy.

  • TCFD Recommendations

    A TCFD tool to be able to monitor Management Information and collect, analyze and report site-level climate change risks and opportunities.

  • Accredited CDP Content

    As a CDP Gold solution provider, we have dedicated accredited content and modules for gathering, monitoring and reporting questions to CDP.

  • API Integration

    Our solution was one of the first providers to have the CDP API integration with the CDP online response system for automated submission.

  • Track Savings

    Using our dedicated initaitves tool, you can track and manage consumption or GHG emissions savings from initiatives and projects across your operations.

  • CDP Alignment

    Track estimated and actual savings through monitoring and verification stages (aligned with CDP).

Manage carbon

Calculate accurate GHG emissions across all Scopes (1,2 and 3) and the entire value chain. Emissions are calculated using an in-built database of over 1million emissions factors from international standards including GHG Protocol, Defra, US EPA and IEA.

Stay on track

Plan, manage and track sustainability goals, targets, and initiatives with dedicated dashboards and tools to monitor progress over-time. Share and communicate progress and areas of improvement with both internal and external stakeholders.

Streamline reporting

One centralised platform to manage all sustainability and ESG data and supporting information. Outputs can be used to report both internally and externally and against multiple frameworks and standards including CDP, GRI, SASB, CSRD, TCFD, and many more.

Resources curated by sustainability and ESG experts

Field-Proven Enterprise Sustainability Management Needs Field-Proven Expertise

Our team of ESG and sustainability industry experts has created the following resources to help its customers keep on top of the ever-evolving reporting landscape, industry news, and current trends in ESG reporting.