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Fujitsu and Cority Win Climate Innovation Award for Scope 3 & Supply Chain Sustainability Collaboration

Cority is delighted to announce that its customer Fujitsu, a leading global information and communication technology company, has received a Climate Innovation Award from Verdantix. Fujitsu and Cority accepted the ‘Scope 3 Metrics & Supply Chain Sustainability Award’ at the Verdantix Climate Innovation Awards EMEA 2023 ceremony in London, UK last week. This award specifically recognises Fujitsu and Cority’s collaboration to advance Fujitsu’s Scope 3 emissions reporting and supply chain sustainability.

Using Cority’s award-winning sustainability software solutions, Fujitsu has been able to collect, measure, track and report all Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions data accurately in one platform and build a full picture of Scope 3 emissions to create a roadmap to meet its Net Zero targets.

To accelerate the move toward carbon neutrality, Fujitsu recently updated its targets to achieve net-zero emissions from the Group’s business activities by 2030, and from the entire value chain by 2040, thus earning Net-Zero Target certification from SBTi in June 2023. With these new ambitious targets, Fujitsu needed to accurately assess its Scope 3 baseline and expand its Scope 3 reporting categories significantly.

Fujitsu has partnered with Cority (formerly Greenstone) since 2008 and uses its Sustainability Performance Management software solution to calculate, track, and record all GHG emissions across Fujitsu Europe.  This solution enables Fujitsu to analyse, set targets and measure performance, including full GHG emissions calculation and reporting across Scopes 1, 2 and 3. Data captured from the nearly 180 European sites is centrally reported to Fujitsu Headquarters in Japan and included in Fujitsu Group’s annual Environmental Report, CDP, and country-specific reports.

As part of this award-winning Scope 3 project, Fujitsu gathered ESG data from 1000 suppliers in seven European countries using Cority’s Supply Chain Sustainability software. Cority’s GHG Wizard tool enabled Fujitsu to accurately calculate supply chain emissions, and supplier company footprints, for the first time and use this primary data for its Scope 3 reporting and targets.

Through these solutions, Fujitsu has been able to engage its supplier network in GHG emissions reporting and collaborate with them to find ways to reduce emissions overtime. This project has empowered Fujitsu’s suppliers, some new to GHG emissions reporting, to calculate their own footprints for their own reporting requirements. Understanding Fujitsu’s supply chain emissions for the first time, allows Fujitsu to begin to guide and work in partnership with its supply chain to begin a partnered journey to Net Zero.

The Verdantix Climate Innovation Awards Series aims to recognize and honor exceptional achievements in various areas of sustainability and climate action. These awards celebrate individuals, organizations, and companies that are driving positive change through fostering innovation and demonstrating leadership in building a sustainable future. Last week, Verdantix released its Green Quadrant: Enterprise Carbon Management Software Report. In this report, Cority’s platform was among the top software providers cited as demonstrating the most advanced and comprehensive carbon management capabilities in the market. In the report, Cority was highly commended for its marketing-leading capabilities in Scope 1 & 2 data aggregation and supplier engagement (empowering companies in Scope 3 reporting) plus its capability in managing complex organizational structures.