Industrial Hygiene

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As an industrial hygienist, there are many things that can keep you up at night. Staying atop of new chemicals coming into the workplace; identifying and controlling harmful exposures; and even ensuring that employees are equipped with the correct protective gear. Failing to manage these elements effectively can place lives in danger and increase regulatory exposure. With such small margins for error, why would you ever rely on time-consuming and error-prone paper-based processes or point solutions?

Cority’s market-leading Industrial Hygiene solution provides IH professionals with a comprehensive package of advanced tools to help reduce the challenges of managing your hygiene data, eliminate time-consuming exposure analyses, streamline similar exposure group (SEG) management, and provide more reliable access to real-time data needed to make better decisions to keep people safe.

As the undisputed leader in IH software, Cority helps you achieve a healthier, more productive workplace

Designed and developed by our internal certified hygienist in collaboration with respected IH leaders across our client base, our market-leading Industrial Hygiene solution helps you effectively manage your most unique IH program needs and enables you to demonstrate the value of industrial hygiene across your organization.

Cority has created the most comprehensive Industrial Hygiene solution available. Our purpose-built workflows and tools enable you to streamline key IH processes within your workplace, resulting in more efficient risk evaluation, IH data collection and management, exposure reporting and analysis and risk mitigation practices.

Let us help you improve the way you manage industrial hygiene hazards and risks, and enable your employees to be more productive and healthy.

Integrated and Centralized Data

Streamlined and Automated Processes

Make Smart Decisions with BI Tools

Cority Industrial Hygiene software enables IH professionals to:

Manage all quantitative and qualitative exposure assessment data in one central database to clearly identify hazards and evaluate risks.

Automatically produce job hazard analyses based on exposure assessments and provide recommended controls by job position.

Efficiently set up appropriate monitoring plans based on exposure assessments and track the progress of monitoring activities against your pre-defined targets.

Interface directly with laboratories for efficient tracking and evaluation of lab analyses.

Manage all Industrial Hygiene equipment with automatic calibration reminders.

Leverage some of the most advanced business intelligence tools available to help you zero-in on critical insights and support effective and timely decision making. Take advantage of purpose-built or customizable reports and dashboard indicators, business rules and automated alerts, and even benefit from the power of our Bayesian Statistical tools to drill into your data and produce greater insight into IH risks and how you can more effectively, and efficiently, protect your people.

Customer Success Stories

Thomas Mull - Colorado Springs Utilities
Alicia Hudson - Covestro
It helps us to be able to pull data out very easily, and be able to share that data with multiple departments.
William Evans - Deputy Clinic Operations Manager

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Industrial Hygiene Modules

Create sample data, build survey plans based on risk data, and automatically create findings and corrective actions to reduce industrial hygiene risk to employees.

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Record test results directly from testing units, automatically recall employees for testing, and review test records to gain a full picture of employees’ respiratory health.

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Streamline the way you collect and store quantitative sample data and perform comprehensive analysis to manage and mitigate employee exposures.

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Manage hearing conservation programs by capturing test results directly from test equipment and automatically recalling employees for testing to gain a full picture of employees’ hearing health.

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Streamline the way you manage similar exposure groups to get peace of mind knowing that you can define groups accurately and manage employee exposure effectively.

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Plan and build risk assessment programs and perform ongoing analysis to continuously evaluate and mitigate industrial hygiene risk.

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Streamline the laboratory requisition process by batching samples on requisitions and sending requisitions automatically to laboratories in order to help your staff to be more productive.

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Manage industrial hygiene equipment that should be tracked, calibrated, inspected, or maintained to get peace of mind knowing that your equipment is reliable.

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