How Cority can help your EHS retail compliance program

Streamline your retail compliance tasks and inspections with one unified solution

Companies with geographically distributed locations, including retailers such as grocers, home improvement stores, auto parts stores, and drugstores, have to track and comply with environmental and safety regulations and standards across many jurisdictions. EHS managers at retail companies are often responsible for remotely managing EHS programs for many sites, making it difficult to know exactly what is going on at each individual brick-and-mortar location. Retailers need to collect and analyze information to understand where to apply their limited resources to achieve the biggest impact and identify areas for continued operations improvement.

Streamline all your retail compliance tasks

Retailers rely on Cority to track retail compliance tasks, automate inspections, determine sustainability metrics, manage service provider data, and increase performance while managing waste, recycling, storm water, and more.

Integrate all your data sources into one single place

Cority improves transparency and data quality with robust reports and easy-to-edit dashboards, giving key stakeholders the ability to monitor activities and critical metrics from any location. Our solution integrates many sources, enabling you to connect your data sources using APIs, creating a single, centralized view that helps you track your compliance and operational data in the same place. Integrated data sources and easy mobile forms enable you to see your retail compliance status in real time, giving you the data you need to quickly correct potential issues, manage risks, and protect your brand.

Save time and improve performance

With Cority, you save time and money by using your data to spot trends and cost-savings opportunities as they arise.

Retailers Use Cority to Optimize Operations

A single, scalable EHSQ system offers significant operational cost-savings, ensuring data integrity while decreasing the costs of maintaining multiple systems across departments and regions. There is no need to duplicate data entry from one system to another.

Store associates and managers use intuitive forms to conduct inspections from a mobile device whether they are online or offline. This avoids double entry of data, improves data integrity, and provides for real-time knowledge of task completion, boosting retail compliance rates and providing data that can be analyzed to identify areas for improvement.

Gain instant insights into the status of your retail compliance activities and receive notifications when anything is missed by assigning and tracking tasks, corrective actions, requirements, and deadlines across programs in a single system. Know what assets, permits, and licenses you have at each of your facilities. Easily track service records, monitor renewal dates, and store related regulatory documents.

Configurable, automated workflows assist in the standardization of processes across retail operations. Store associates and management can quickly complete actions and assigned tasks – providing immediate insight into task status for remote EHS teams.

All information, including contractor data, is gathered into the Cority platform, providing a single source for reporting and analytics. These standardized data sets allow for integration with other systems to extend the value of your initiatives.

Cority operates in compliance with stringent standards to protect your corporate data. In addition, we offer role-based settings ensure that only those with access can view sensitive information.

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