Chemical Management Software

Cority’s comprehensive chemical management solution helps you manage the lifecycle of your chemicals, from approving chemicals being brought onsite to managing your chemical inventory and storing safety data sheets and related documents.

improves compliance

Maintain Compliance

Meet requirements of local, national and international regulations.

reduce worker risk

Reduce Risk

Minimize your risk for penalties, protect your products and keep your workforce safe by knowing what chemicals are onsite

increases fit testing

Improve Efficiency

Cut material approval times while enabling approvals across departments

Cority's leading chemical management software solution is built to address today's critical challenges

Chemical Management Software - Cority

Make informed decisions about what chemicals to bring on site and the ingredients that make their way into your products. Before bringing chemicals onsite, Cority’s solution streamlines the evaluation of that chemical and enables easy identification of restricted chemicals, by pre-screening of CAS numbers against various regulatory and organization-specific lists, helping to both stay in compliance and eliminate duplicate purchases. Flexible templates, workflows and forms facilitate collaboration and support your current approval processes.

The real-time inventory management supports tracking of raw materials and finished goods from onsite arrival to waste reporting. Accurately track chemical quantities, container lifecycles, and threshold limits down to the site level. Quickly generate labels. Cority monitors precise, standardized measurements of all your hazardous or suspicious ingredients in mixtures, parts or components down to the substance. Centralized data enables you to monitor materials at individual sites or across your business.

Cority’s SDS management solution allows you to put SDS and the critical hazard information at your employee’s fingertips. Store and analyze chemical data to easily create reports, worker safety documents, and labels. Make quick, informed decisions about how to best manage materials for maximum return and minimal risk exposure, helping you to lower costs and streamline operations. Track and search products by trade name, chemical name or ingredient, saving staff time and ensuring that your organization has quick access to important chemical documents when they need them.

Cority is a huge time saver. It’s a very efficient software process for managing inventories, for managing safety data sheets, for regulatory prescreening. It’s just been very helpful on a day-to-day basis for maintaining our safety data sheets and inventories.

Mary Magerkurth - Environmental, Health & Safety Specialist

Leverage chemical data and regulatory content to support safety, compliance, risk management, product stewardship, and analysis.

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