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EHSQ Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry

Cority helps EHS professionals deliver long-term cost-savings, drive operational efficiencies, reduce risk and foster a culture of safety and sustainability across the enterprise

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We Understand The Challenges Faced In The Oil & Gas Industry

Oil & Gas companies need to efficiently operate in a high-risk, heavily regulated, and constantly changing global landscape. Achieving safety, health and environmental compliance across upstream, midstream and downstream operations is a tremendous challenge, especially in an environment of fluctuating commodity prices, skilled labor storages, stakeholder scrutiny and capital-intensive project investments.

Gain visibility

Intuitive technology available on any device promotes engagement across your workforce. With real-time data and powerful dashboards, you can quickly check the status of tasks and actions across the enterprise or at an individual facility. Understand where your EHSQ programs are on track and identify risks before adverse events and incidents occur.

Drive Operational Efficiency

Drive operational efficiency

Cority’s unified platform provides the data you need to identify areas for improvement, prioritize initiatives and make data-driven decisions for your health, safety, environmental, quality and sustainability programs.

Better peace-of-mind

Take advantage of powerful features and integrations that help take the worry out of maintaining compliance to the most stringent regulatory standards and corporate requirements applicable to your business, leading to more predictable results, lower risk of adverse impacts, improved environmental performance, a healthier and more productive workforce and greater confidence across your key stakeholder groups.

Cority Knows Oil & Gas

Working with Oil and Gas companies for over two decades, Cority has built a deep understanding of the industry, critical business processes and how a digital transformation leads to meeting EHSQ initiatives.

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Cority Knows Oil & Gas

Cleaner and greener made simpler. Cority Environmental Cloud helps transform how you manage compliance and drive continuous improvement towards your corporate goals. Leverage the power of technology to advance performance across your air, water, waste and chemical management programs.

Protect what matters most. Cority Safety Cloud is designed by our industry experts to make managing workplace safety simpler and more efficient, enabling better risk detection to predict and prevent injuries, maintain compliance, and keep you and your business moving forward safely.
Cority Health Cloud is the most comprehensive set of modular health solutions are designed to protect your most valuable asset – your workforce. Cority’s purpose-built solutions are designed, deployed, and supported by experts to simplify how to identify and manage health concerns impacting Oil and Gas workers, from silica and high noise levels to chemical exposures and ergonomic risks.

Digitally driven sustainability utilizing flexible software solutions designed to support future-focused, responsible business management while simplifying and streamlining your sustainability processes.
Gain better data quality and a deeper level of transparency to build greater trust and confidence in your organization.

Transform business decision making
Optimized for EHS, Analytics Cloud is a robust suite of powerful and innovative business intelligence tools, features, predictive models, and solutions that make it easy to harness the power of your data and transform it into actionable insights. Gain the foresight to proactively understand and prevent risk before it happens, on-site or globally across your enterprise.

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Cority has produced additional benefits that we weren’t expecting. We’ve seen a reduction in human error, improved the security of our data, recognized savings in expenses, fees & fines, eliminated the busy work involved in our process, and have lessened our impact on the environment. The ‘Anytime-Anywhere-Any Device’ flexibility has also helped us save time managing the data. We’ve even been given kudos from regulators.

Laurance Goodman, Environmental Specialist, Royal Vopak


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