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Cority’s team of experienced safety professionals have collaborated with safety experts and industry leaders from across our client organizations to deliver market-leading software to help business plan and build an effective risk assessment process.

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Reporting and metrics

This comprehensive solution streamlines and simplifies the identification and evaluation of operational risk, providing your leaders with greater real-time visibility on where risk exists in your business, thereby enabling them to prioritize efforts and resources on the elements most needed to keep people safe and keep the organization on a clear path toward excellence.

How Cority’s Safety Risk Assessment Module Helps

Our Safety Risk Assessment module will enable you to:

Risk Assessment Icons risk management efficiency

Increase risk management efficiency

Simplify, standardize, and streamline risk assessment practices, reducing associated time and effort and ensuring process consistency and reliability.

Risk Assessment Icons prioritization and accountability

Improve risk prioritization & accountability

Empower business leaders with accurate, timely data to make informed decisions on risk priorities and to drive local accountability.

Risk Assessment Icons operational risk

Enhance visibility to operational risk

Enhance organizational risk awareness and long-term performance with flexible, real-time access to risk data in a unified, SaaS system.

Risk Assessment Icons administration and errors

Eliminate administration and errors

Reduce time-consuming manual data entry tasks, limit risk of data loss or corruption, and free up staff to spend their time on more critical EHSQ functions.

Risk Assessment Icons assess effectiveness

Assess effectiveness of your efforts

Track, trend and analyze results over time to assess the effectiveness of mitigation efforts, identify residual risk and opportunities, and calculate the ROI of your prevention efforts.

Risk Assessment Icons compliance

Strengthen compliance

Improve compliance to applicable risk management regulations and standards, supporting certification efforts and reducing exposure to regulatory citations and penalties.

Risk Assessment Icons share learnings and engagement

Share learnings & drive engagement

Utilize purpose-built tools to help share information broadly across the workforce, while supporting greater front-line participation in risk management activities and decisions.

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Job Inventory

Monitor the continuously evolving scope of work by managing an active inventory of jobs, tasks and/or work unit which must be assessed for risks

Track and review risk assessments, procedures and other related documents within the job record

Link any number of legal and other requirements to each job or task to allow risk assessments to be completed efficiently

Link jobs or tasks to an exposure group based on a risk assessment, thereby ensuring workers exposed to unique risks are auto-enrolled in applicable health surveillance activities.

Risk Assessment

Create dynamic risk assessments following Job Hazard Analysis (JHA), HAZOP and other recognized risk assessment methodology, or configure the solution to your company’s preferred option, including the risk factors, control factors, colors, icons, values and formulas you require.

Track key risk assessment inputs related to tasks, hazards, control measures and other data in a single consolidated record, allowing you to easily visualize risk, understand key controls, and prioritize actions for risk reduction

Allow users to describe tasks, hazards and controls with both free test and user-defined drop down choices. Users can even record the names and comments of individuals interviewed to demonstrate the involvement of front-line employees and key stakeholders in the risk assessment process.


Use a screening questionnaire to pre-screen a work area as a first step in the risk assessment process, identifying key hazards to be risk scored and considered for risk mitigation.

Use our powerful and configurable risk calculator to automatically calculate risk scores based on your unique requirements, including:

  • Selecting up to 12 different risk scoring criteria, including probability, severity and frequency;
  • Using a risk-model matrix with pre-defined risk levels in each quadrant, or
  • Using user-defined simple or complex formulas

Visualize risk before and after a control is introduced to assess control effectiveness

Link risk assessments to incident investigation data to allow investigators to view risk assessments related to a task or activity in which an incident occurred

Reporting & Metrics

Reporting and metrics

Take advantage of Cority’s advanced Business Intelligence tools to build flexible reports and intuitive, visual dashboard indicators to track changes in risk data over time, benchmark performance across operations, or drive accountability to close assigned actions.


Our Risk Assessment module stretches across all solutions within Cority’s unified, SaaS EHSQ platform, including our Environmental, Industrial Hygiene, Occupational Health and Ergonomics solutions.

Incident Management

Link risk assessments to incident investigation workflows to allow investigators to view risk assessments related to a task or activity in which an incident occurred

Compliance Management

Centralize risk assessment data in a single location and evaluate the effectiveness of actions to manage risks in accordance with regulations, permits or other standards

Medical Chart

Clinicians can access risk assessment data within a worker’s medical record under our OH solution, to build an effective treatment plan or evaluate enrollment in surveillance programs

data integration risk assessment

Industrial Hygiene Monitoring

Risk assessment data is used to inform IH sampling plans, including the agents of concern and workers who must be monitored to assess their degree of workplace exposure

Management of Change

Users can assess risk assessment data during any change request and approval workflow, to ensure that changes to process, equipment, materials or another factor will not endanger human health or wellness

Leverage the risk assessment (JHA) module to support the performance of ongoing analyses to help you continually evaluate and mitigate risk.

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