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Incident Management
Audits & Inspections
Compliance Management
Risk Management
Permit to Work
Contractor Management
Management of Change
Learning Management
Mobile Solutions
  • Mobile-enabled Reporting

    Easily report incidents, near misses and hazards in real-time with easy-to-follow template accessible from any device, even offline.

  • Configurable Workflow

    Tailor investigation workflows based on incident type, location or severity, ensuring proper notification, escalation and approval.

  • Root Cause Analysis

    Leverage built-in RCA methodologies including 5-Why, ICAM, DNV SCAT, FMEA and TapRooT® or design your own.

  • Reporting & Dashboards

    Easily share incident data and insights with key stakeholders via highly-visual dashboard indicators and standardized reports.

  • Advanced Analytics

    Gain greater insight into factors underlying incidents, giving you the chance to shift priorities or resources to address issues early.

  • Audit Planning

    Configure recurring activities with automated reminders to ensure audits and inspections are never missed.

  • Actions Management

    Allow employees to assign, access, and close actions and tasks from any mobile device – anywhere, anytime.

  • Configurable Checklists

    Create and access pre-built checklists, or design your own, to support recurring or adhoc safety audits or inspections on-the-go.

  • Dashboards & Reports

    Create and share reports and visual dashboards to keep stakeholders updated on your audit & inspection program performance.

  • Applicability Assessments

    Seamlessly identify and assess the applicability of specific legal requirements to your business’ operations.

  • Legal Requirements

    Effortlessly create and maintain detailed registries of regulatory and corporate requirements to which your business subscribes.

  • Audits & Inspections

    Create, standardize, assign and manage all safety-related audit and inspection activities in a single, unified solution

  • Permit Management

    Easily transform permit requirements into specific, targeted actions to meet compliance obligations.

  • Compliance Calendar

    Centralize and schedule compliance actions as recurring activities to ensure critical tasks are completed in a timely manner.

  • Stakeholder Management

    Identify, monitor and record communications with key stakeholders that influence, or are influenced by, your company’s operations.

  • Job inventory

    Create task inventories and associated risk assessments to these activities.

  • Risk Assessments

    Leverage best practices like JHA, FMEA and HAZOP or your company’s preferred risk assessment methodology.

  • Flexible risk calculation

    Use our powerful and configurable risk calculator to automatically calculate and visualize risk scores based on your unique requirements.

  • Advanced reporting

    Take advantage of advanced BI & analytics tools to track risk data over time, benchmark performance and drive accountability.

  • Mobile permit templates

    Easily request work permits using out-of-the-box templates directly from a mobile device, right from the field.

  • Configurable workflows

    Configure approval workflows for multiple permit types, visualizing permits on a map to identify potential conflicts in real-time.

  • Cross-solution integration

    Link permits to contractors, improving project oversight and ensuring contractors have required training and permissions required

  • Advanced analytics

    Easily track key metrics to assess PTW program performance, and leverage key insights to improve real-time decision-making.

  • Prequalification features

    Streamline registration and prequalification processes to ensure contractors are properly vetted before awarding work.

  • Competency validation

    Monitor and validate in real-time that contractors are properly trained and certified to conduct the work they’re hired to do

  • Real-time monitoring

    Oversee contractors on multiple projects at once, assign actions on-the-go, and evaluate performance before awarding new contracts.

  • Mobile change requests

    Initiate change requests for any change type right from the field from a mobile device, triggering necessary approval workflows.

  • Configurable workflows

    Tailor workflows based on change type, location, or EHS areas impacted, including dictating the levels and types of approval required.

  • Actions Management

    Easily identify, assign, monitor and complete and monitor progress on actions needed to support change, from any device.

  • Business intelligence

    Leverage pre-built dashboards and reports to drive better change management oversight, while support data-driven decision making.

  • Design training groups

    Efficiently group workers together based on defined criteria and simplify the training assignment process.

  • Flexible training content

    Easily create training course libraries leveraging internal or third-party content in just a few clicks.

  • Simple training assignment

    Group courses together in a series to achieve key training objectives and support additive learning.

  • Mobile accessibility

    Empower employees to control how, when and where learning is achieved, through anywhere, anytime access from a mobile device.

  • Business intelligence

    Accurately track training performance in real-time and uncover key insights to inform business decisions.

  • Incident Reporting

    Empower workers to report any event type from the field the moment it happens.

  • Actions Management

    Provide task lists at your employees’ fingertips, ensuring prompt action closure and real- time updates

  • Questionnaires

    Create and access any checklist you need to support key EHS processes – from audits to to permit to work – from any device.

  • EHS Learning

    Empower employees to control how, when and where learning is achieved, through anywhere, anytime access from a mobile device.

  • Mobile Dashboards

    More immediate feedback to all levels fosters a culture of safety and sustainability.

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