Office Ergonomics Solution

Improve employee productivity, well-being, and safety performance with a risk-based office ergonomics program.

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Reduce Costs and Improve Safety With Office Ergonomics Software

With the Cority Ergonomics Solution, leverage real-time data to create a safer, more productive work environment. Employee self-assessments allow you to focus on high-risk workers, better allocate resources, and document your ergonomics program’s progress. You can streamline case management and reduce time on administrative tasks, and guided stretching techniques and break reminders proactively empower employees to continuously prevent repetitive strain injuries from becoming an issue.

Key Features & Benefits


Prevent Injuries With Training and Assessment

With Cority’s self-guided training and assessments, employees take control of their own health to prevent repetitive strain injuries, musculoskeletal disorders, and other productivity-decreasing behaviors. Comprehensive office ergonomics training helps employees prevent discomfort and injury while assessment tools allow employees to quickly identify and self-resolve potential ergonomic risks. Together, office ergonomics training and assessments keep your workforce healthy and productive, reduce workers’ compensation claims and absenteeism rates, and give your program the insight it needs to effectively manage your organization ergonomic risk.

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Encourage Better Ergonomic Behaviors to a Global Workforce

With behavior-based computer use measurement, smart break reminders, and support for your workforce around the globe, you can get a fuller picture of your organizational risk. Cority’s software proactively helps you reach more employees, which helps reduce their stress, and it’s available in 14 different languages. This makes it simple to provide employees with a singular approach to ergonomic support from anywhere in the world, giving you less to manage and centralizing your data and understanding of risk.


Communicate Risks and Drive Improvement

Cority provides a wide range of built-in analytics and reporting to support your ergonomic and safety programs. Data from assessments, training, discomfort reporting, computer use, ergonomics evaluations, and case management work with proprietary risk algorithms to provide powerful reports and analyses. Use these reports to inform executive management of the effectiveness of your office ergonomics program in reducing risk and cost while driving employee satisfaction and productivity. You can also easily implement work-time restrictions for employees who need proactive risk mitigation. Impact your employees’ RSI risk for good.

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Use Case Management to Prevent and Treat Discomfort

Cority’s case management capability provides individualized support. Ergonomics professionals can work more efficiently by streamlining their scheduling, tracking evaluations, documenting workstation adjustments and recommendations, and recording communications while accessing real-time risk data to develop action items tailored to employees’ unique needs. With effective case management, you can ensure employees have access to a safe and healthy work environment.

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Cority’s market-leading, risk-based Ergonomics Solution allows you to:

Proactively identify the most at-risk employees, allowing you to better focus your response efforts.

Manage organization-wide ergonomic risk, and individual ergonomic assessments to effectively mitigate ergonomic risk.

Capture virtually any ergonomics data required by building and configuring flexible tools—including risk assessment tools and self-assessment questionnaires.

Consolidate ergonomic findings and actions in one logical interface.

Effectively manage the implementation of ergonomic risk controls and track employee progress.

Maximize productivity to ensure high-risk employees receive the care they need.

Lower expensive workers’ compensations claims by preventing office ergonomic injuries.

Easily communicate program progress and ROI with executive team.

Share data with the Safety and Occupational Health Solution or Employee Health Software, to ensure effective communication in managing ergonomics issues.

Use Cority’s Business Intelligence tools to analyze and report on ergonomic data.

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