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Companies in the Mining & Metals sector are heavily regulated, operate across multiple jurisdictions, and must comply with an increasing number of environmental and safety laws and regulations. These geographical and regulatory challenges are driving many to implement comprehensive, centralized EHSQ solutions to help manage EHS compliance requirements.


Cority offers a robust set of EHSQ capabilities designed to help Mining & Metals organizations efficiently and effectively manage their EHSQ regulatory compliance and risks regardless of location. Our solutions also help clients comply with industry standards such as ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 and drive continuous improvement. We give EHS professionals visibility into their assignments, performance, and help to ensure that work is getting done. Cority can also assist in conducting a pre-employment screening.

Cority knows Mining & Metals

A scalable EHSQ platform offers significant operational efficiencies and cost-savings by eliminating duplicative data entry from one system to another, better ensures data integrity and fidelity, decreases operating costs, and supports multiple software solutions across agencies and geographies.
All data is gathered into the Cority platform to provide a single source for reporting and analytics.
Get flexibility in when and how you obtain data using our mobile platform, which helps employees perform tasks from a mobile device whether they are online or offline, avoids double-entry, improves data integrity, and provides the user with real-time knowledge of task completion.
Configurable, automated workflows assist in the standardization of processes and help all users quickly complete actions and assigned tasks.

Cority works the way your team works. Our highly configurable workflows, views, and layouts deliver maximum flexibility in order to get your team up and running quickly and cost-effectively.

Cority operates in compliance with stringent ISO 27001 standards to protect your corporate data. In addition, Cority’s security settings ensure that no one in your organizations can access more data than they are supposed to.

Design and calculate advanced exposure equations to assess worker exposures against permissible limits and standards, monitoring critical agents such as ionizing radiation and heat stress.

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Cority has allowed us to collect and manage Industrial Hygiene data more efficiently and consistently than previous methods, which has enhanced our ability to focus on specific issues and to improve the working environment for our employees.

Tom Chism, Senior Manager, Occupational Health - Barrick Gold

Leading Mining & Metals organizations trust Cority

We ultimately chose Cority as our EHS software vendor of choice. Cority’s userfriendliness and offline capabilities were the key differentiators that stood out to the team.

Edouard Salathé, Project Manager - Eramet

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