Waste Management

Cority’s Waste Management Solution is a universal solution for tracking waste generation, storage and disposal of hazardous, universal, special wastes and can also be used to collect municipal solid waste (MSW) recyclables data.

Print labels for waste containers, including GHS, WHMIS and NFPA symbols

Utilize automatic notifications to expedite workflows, such as internal waste pickups and weekly inspections

Standardize waste management processes across the organization

Optimize shipments and disposal costs

Global Solution.

Manage waste across your organization in accordance with applicable regulations to ensure compliance and quickly demonstrate compliance to regulators.

Inventory Management

Manage and track waste down to the container level in one system and eliminate spreadsheets. Track waste storage locations and limits, type of wastes on site, time stored on site, disposal costs, and utilize this information to make short and long-term operational decisions.

Configurable Platform

Cority’s platform is 100% configurable, which means clients capture the information that is pertinent to their needs. This helps reduce time staff spends providing information that is not needed or useful.

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