Cority’s Waste Management Solution is a comprehensive HSE software solution for the standardization of waste activities at both a facility and organizational level across a variety of industries.


  • Standardize, document, track, and manage all waste management activity
  • Waste Profile management
  • Demonstrate compliance with ease by centrally tracking all requirements
  • Demonstrate compliance with waste permits, including RCRA for US
  • Manage waste container inventory inspections, equipment tracking
  • Automatic manifest generation with Waste Management Mobile, including offline functionality
  • Process waste containers, annual tank throughputs, and waste management units Easily create Title V deviation reporting for submittal to appropriate regulatory authority in the US
  • Manage Waste notification for transport and track container movements
  • Generate and output EPA Uniform Manifest for US, local non-hazardous manifest, and BOLs
  • Collect data for standard reports including Site Waste Management Summary, Annual Waste Summary, Manifest Reporting, Source Reduction / Waste Minimization Reporting, and provide electronic reporting to federal, state, and local agencies in the US

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