ESG in Private Markets

Cority provides a full suite of sustainability and ESG software solutions and advisory services for private markets investors.

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) performance metrics are increasingly shaping investment decisions in private markets.

Risk management

Investors are seeking to identify and address the impact of ESG factors on a company’s long-term business model and the resilience of companies to adapt.

Carbon reduction

There is a growing requirement for investors to address the carbon impact of their own operations (Scope 1&2) and their value chain (Scope 3) to support their decarbonisation strategies.


ESG data and analysis, empowers investors to track their investments’ ESG performance over time and compare it to the performance of their peers and competitors.

Value creation

ESG has rapidly become a key source of differentiation and value creation for private markets, with the potential to unlock lasting benefits.

Now is the time for private markets investors to start reporting on ESG performance.

Regulations & compliance

With regulation like SFDR and CSRD in Europe and SEC in the US, ESG requirements are evolving fast and becoming complex.

Investor expectations

There is an increasing demand from investors for a variety of ESG indicators across different frameworks and standards.

Stakeholder pressure

Stakeholders are using ESG factors to evaluate businesses and hold them accountable to commitments.

Cority’s private market solutions meet industry-leading accredidations & standards

Empowering firms in private markets on their ESG journeys

At Cority, it is our mission to empower private markets firms to achieve their ESG and sustainability goals through robust technology, data-driven insights, and industry expertise.

Market leading ESG software solution and advisory services for private markets investors.

Drawdown Award 2022 for Investor ESG by Cority

Technology ESG

2022 – Greenstone was announced the winner of the ´Technology: ESG´ award at The Drawdown Awards

Top Product of the Year

2023 – Environment + Energy Leader Honors Investor ESG software with Top Product of the Year award

Innovative software solution designed to support sustainability and ESG strategies



Investor ESG Management
Sustainability Management
Supply Chain Sustainability
  • Data Collection

    Collect and manage data from multiple portfolio companies and fund structures using customizable questionnaires and GHG emissions calculation tools.

  • GHG Emissions Calculation

    Capture primary data directly from portfolio companies and calculate investment carbon footprints from primary consumption data.

  • ESG Metric Library

    Metrics and questions can be selected from a framework-mapped ESG question library (CDP, GRI, SASB, SDGs, TCFD, PCAF, UNPRI etc)

  • Scope 3 Reporting

    GHG emissions integration with Sustainability Performance Management solution for Scope 3 reporting and targets.

  • Flagging & Alerts

    Due diligence thresholds, flags and alerts can be set so that ESG risk can be easily identified and addressed.

  • Scoring

    Custom scoring and weightings can be set to ensure relevance and materiality.

  • Approvals

    Approval and data validation processes can be set for both internal and third-party parties.

  • Benchmarking

    Benchmark companies across your portfolio, industry best practice and third-party sources.

  • Communication Tools

    Secure direct messaging with data and document management

  • Integration

    Secure API integration with other business systems and easy export features.

  • Access-controls

    Permission based access to portfolio, fund and company level analytics

  • Data Collection

    Collect data using multiple data capture options from a wide range of sources.

  • GHG Emissions Calculation

    Automated calculation of accurate carbon emissions using an in-built database of over 1+m emissions factors.

  • Scope 3 Emissions Reporting

    Dedicated GHG Scope 3 category dashboards, dynamic modelling and data aggregation for suppliers and investments.

  • Target Tracking

    Track science-based, net-zero and consumption and emissions targets and monitor progress over time.

  • Frameworks & Standards Mapping

    Link and tag metrics and data across multiple sustainability reporting frameworks and standards (including CDP, GRI, SASB, UNGC, SDGs, TCFD etc.).

  • Risks and Opportunities Management

    Create, manage and report risks and opportunities associated with climate change (aligns with CDP and TCFD).

  • KPI and Metric Analysis

    Using a suite of analysis tools and dashboards, you can view, share and export data at user-defined levels.

  • CDP Reporting

    Dedicated accredited content, APIs and modules for gathering, monitoring and reporting questions to CDP.

  • Initiatives Tool

    Track and manage consumption or GHG emissions savings from initiatives and projects across your operations (aligned with CDP).

  • Data Validation

    Define data thresholds, alerts and approvals so that you have assurance that your data is audit-ready.

  • Audit Dashboards

    Dedicated data audit dashboards and tools to be able to interrogate calculations and track the custody of data.

  • Data Collection

    Collect and manage data primary from your suppliers using customizable questionnaires and GHG emissions calculation tools.

  • GHG Emissions Calculation

    Capture primary data directly from suppliers and calculate supplier company, site and product-level carbon footprints.

  • Scope 3 Reporting

    GHG emissions integration with Sustainability Performance Management solution for Scope 3 reporting and targets.

  • Supplier Assessments

    Distributes best practice and custom supplier assessment questionnaires and automatically assesses suppliers against user-defined criteria.

  • Risk Management

    Identify and address risk through automated supplier corrective action plans.

  • Scorecards

    Custom scoring and weightings can be set for each question to ensure relevance and materiality.

  • Audits

    Facilitates and manages internal and external audits.

  • Integration

    Integrates with ERP and supplier management systems

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