Manufacturers are always under pressure to deliver products quickly, safely and effectively. EHS, Operations, Maintenance and Quality all need to share information and communicate to ensure they are complying with environmental and safety regulations, permits, policies and procedures. Lack of collaboration can result in shutting down production due to quality defects, unplanned maintenance, or incidents.


Cority’s EHS software solution helps the Manufacturers keep their employees safe and healthy, reduce their impact on the environment, and identify ways to continuously improve operational ecoefficiency. Our solution helps you manage your regulatory requirements meet or exceed international environmental and safety standards, such as ISO 14001 and ISO 9001. You can also manage the impacts from environmental and safety incidents in a timely manner to reduce costs and drive improvement. Cority can also assist in conducting a pre-employment screening.

Cority Knows Manufacturing

Efficiently manage your EHS compliance requirements in a single repository and leverage our automation tools for workflows, approvals, notifications and alerts.
Cority goes beyond just tracking KPIs, our business intelligence modules enable users to create, assign and manage the data collection for any organizational KPI, set targets, and automate your reporting to management.
Cority’s event management module allows you to document and manage any type of event, conduct root cause analyses, manage corrective actions, and quickly generate reports for management and external agencies.
All data is gathered into the Cority platform providing a single source for reporting and analytics..
Get flexibility in when and how you obtain data using our mobile platform, which enable employees to perform tasks from a mobile device whether they are online or offline, avoids double-entry, and improves data integrity, and provides the user with real-time knowledge of task completion.
Configurable, automated workflows assist in the standardization of processes and enable all users to quickly complete actions and assigned tasks.

Cority encourages employees to complete EHSQ activities through an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that encourages adoption. Employees have instant visibility to their “to-do” list with one-click access to input data.

Cority operates in compliance with stringent ISO 27001 standards to protect your corporate data. In addition, Cority’s security settings ensure that no one in your organizations sees more than they are supposed to.

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