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Cority’s award winning environmental software simplifies compliance management and fosters operational advancement.

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Ready to elevate environmental data management and reporting, from beginning strides to advanced leaps, Cority supports every step of your journey.

Award Winning Software

Top Product of the Year

Environment + Energy Leader Honors Cority with Top Product of the Year Award for Fifth Consecutive Year.

Industry Recognition

2023 Environmental Protection New Product of the Year.
Environmental Protections 2023 New Product of the Year Award in the New Technology – Industry category.

Enhancing environmental management and compliance across all industries and organization types & sizes.



Air Emissions Management
Waste Management
Water Management
Chemical Management
  • Data Collection

    Collect data using multiple data capture options from a wide range of sources.

  • Configurability

    Configure our best-in-class calculation engine for your air emissions requirements.

  • Compliance

    Manage permit conditions and regulatory citations.

  • Reporting

    Flexible reporting to suit different stakeholders, a wide range of reports available in a comprehensive report template library.

  • Analysis Dashboards

    Dynamic and exportable dashboards enabling you to see your data at any granular level you need.

  • Target Tracking

    Dedicated dashboards to track and monitor air emissions targets.

  • Data assurance and Validation

    Variance checks, data audit, and data modelling. Define data thresholds, alerts, and approvals so that your data is audit ready.

  • Demonstrate compliance

    Prove compliance fast with easy to generate manifests, auditable data, dashboards, and timely waste stream tracking.

  • Simplify waste management

    Cority’s Waste Solution streamlines waste management, ensuring compliance, tracking storage, and aiding operational decisions.

  • Optimize waste and reduce costs

    Minimize waste shipment costs and avoid pricey transport fees from profile errors and off-spec waste.

  • Reduce risks with real-time insights

    Track waste in real-time, maintain generator status, and reduce non-compliance risks by managing deadlines and storage limits.

  • Conduct inspections easily

    Empower teams with Cority’s mobile applications to conduct on-the-go inspections anytime, anywhere for quick hazardous waste checks.

  • Demonstrate compliance

    Manage water permits and monitoring activities globally, including NPDES, NPRI, and NPI. Track all requirements in one electronic inventory.

  • Aggregate data

    Easily upload lab and inspection data for quick water reporting, using information from operational systems.

  • Configurability

    Customize calculations for discharge quantities, including lab detection limits, ensuring compliance with any regulatory method.

  • Streamline and standardize processes

    Be consistent with centralized data collection, reporting, and documentation to streamline processes and data sharing across your business.

  • Simplify reporting

    Speed up the time-consuming reporting process by quickly generating water usage and wastewater reports.

  • Demonstrate compliance

    Manage requirements of local, national, and international regulations.

  • Reduce Risk

    Reduce penalty risks, safeguard products, and ensure workforce safety by tracking onsite chemicals.

  • Improve Efficiency

    Cut material approval times while enabling approvals across departments.

  • Mobile Solution

    Available on any device, enabling employee access to critical information wherever they are.

Unified Platform

Centralize data across departments and programs for environmental reporting you can trust. Integrate data into a single source to gain efficiency while ensuring data integrity and consistency.

Mobile Capabilities

Everything you need in one place to improve accuracy, overall communication workflows, and data quality.

Improve Environmental Impact

A 360˚ view of your environmental programs. Cority’s software solutions make it easy for managers to collaborate, measure, control, and reduce environmental impacts.

Best in-class environmental software solutions.

Leading environmental software, offering top-tier solutions for sustainable and effective environmental management.

Uniquely crafted resources from environmental professionals.

Expert-Driven Environmental Management for Real-World Impact.

Cority’s team of environmental professionals have developed a comprehensive resource library, designed to assist customers in navigating the dynamic landscape of environmental compliance, industry updates, and emerging trends in environmental management.

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