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In light of the changing political climate and shifting population dynamics, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, and Healthcare companies are challenged to ensure that their products and services are safe for patients, consumers and the environment. Customers and regulators are increasingly putting pressure on companies to adhere to regulatory changes and industry standards, and demanding to keep companies accountable by seeking visibility into their processes, sustainability goals, supply chain, and much more. For EHSQ professionals, this means striving for operational efficiencies to invest in: patient privacy, employee safety, industrial hygiene, environmental protection, managing compliance, reducing production costs, gaining global visibility, and sharing best practices across the organization.



Cority’s EHSQ software solution helps Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, and Healthcare organizations keep patient data safe and secure, control their environmental impacts, maintain compliance with regulations and industry standards (GMP, REACH), utilize audits and inspections to drive continuous improvement, and quickly identify and correct issues. Cority’s solution also provides users with visibility into their performance on a global scale, which drives accountability to their business customers while providing data for reporting. Organizations can quickly transform data into business insights that help them identify opportunities to improve upon their operational and environmental KPIs. Also worthy of note is Cority’s Employee Health Software for Hospitals.

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A scalable EHSQ platform offers significant operational efficiencies and cost-savings by eliminating duplicative data entry from one system to another, better ensures data integrity and fidelity, decreases operating costs, and supports multiple software solutions across agencies and geographies

Get flexibility in when and how you obtain data using our mobile platform, which helps employees perform tasks from a mobile device whether they are online or offline, avoids double-entry, improves data integrity, and provides the user with real-time knowledge of task completion.
Get flexibility in when and how you obtain data. Employees perform tasks from a mobile device whether they are online or offline. This avoids double-entry of data, improves data integrity, and provides real-time knowledge of task completion. This information can then be analyzed and turned into insights to help your team make better business decisions.
Use configurable, automated workflows to standardize processes across the organization and enable all users to quickly complete actions and assigned tasks – providing immediate insight into task status.

Cority works the way your team works. Our highly configurable workflows, views, and layouts deliver maximum flexibility in order to get your team up and running quickly and cost-effectively.

Cority operates in compliance with stringent ISO 27001 standards to protect your corporate data. In addition, Cority’s security settings ensure that no one in your organizations can access more data than they are supposed to.

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Cority has provided us with a holistic approach that was lacking across the organization and will enable Medical, Safety, and Occupational Hygiene to collaborate effectively together.

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