Preventing SIFs with Digitization: Reduce Serious Injuries and Fatalities with Technology

In its recent survey, Verdantix noted – for the first time – that preventing SIF’s with technology topped the list of key priorities for corporations. In fact, 6 in 10 firms surveyed identified ‘SIF prevention’ as the critical focal point for their EHS strategy. In 2023, 50% of firms indicated the same.

Every year, independent research firm, Verdantix, monitors trends across the EHS sector, surveys global corporations to better understand their key EHS priorities, and evaluates how businesses plan to utilize technology over the next two years.

In most cases, the priorities identified in the report are pretty consistent and predictable. But a few years ago, something changed.

What Verdantix discovered was that preventing serious injuries and fatalities (SIFs) was suddenly becoming the issue that EHS professionals and executives alike were talking about.

But why?  Where did the sudden focus on SIF prevention come from?  And for those interested in integrating SIF prevention principles into their EHS program, where should they start?

In this eBook, we’ll review:

  1. The origins of SIF prevention
  2. Principles, models and tools available to EHS leaders to better detect and address SIF potential in their business
  3. How businesses and workplaces can work towards preventing SIFs with technology.

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