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Better quality management matters

Your quality management processes should be as unique as your workforce – and software solutions that can flex, grow, and adapt to the changing needs of your programs are vital.

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Document Control
Management of Change
Audits & Inspections
Risk Management
  • Document Automation for EHS & Quality

    Provides secure, fast, and efficient documentation access to all stakeholders locally or globally with minimum administrative overhead and maximum control.

  • Efficiently assure compliance

    Purpose-built to digitize paper-based processes associated with EHSQ documentation requirements. Take human error and information overload out of the compliance equation.

  • Full lifecycle management

    Store and retrieve files from solutions spanning CorityOne™, maintain version control, schedule reviews, and monitor the status of files through an intuitive UI to the configurable approval process.

  • Plan For Change And Mitigate Risks

    Automate the process to ensure changes are properly reviewed before they are implemented to avoid, minimize, and mitigate key environmental, health, and safety risks.

  • Maintain Regulatory Compliance Through Change

    Gain insights and readily handle competing priorities, such as implementing the change on time and budget, of providing training to impacted employees.

  • Centralize And Standardize Change Management

    Plan for change, assess risks and impacts, determine regulatory and policy obligations, administer the change, manage training, execute communications, and measure the success of change through a standard and automated process.

  • Centralized Control

    Provide administrators with a central access point to view and manage their full audit or inspection programs, including completion status and history of the related findings and actions.

  • Streamlined Workflows

    Schedule recurring or one-time activities and view them in a simple, intuitive calendar that allows users to see upcoming activities at a glance.

  • Empowered Mobile Workforce

    myCority empowers your employees to complete audit and inspection tasks through an intuitive interface – enabling them to complete questionnaires, audit checklists, record findings, and stay on top of their assigned work.

  • Enhance your view of operational risk

    Enhance the visibility and awareness of operational risk across the business to drive better decisions that help mitigate losses and support better operational performance with flexible, real-time access to risk data across the entire Cority risk management software platform.

  • Strengthen compliance

    Improve organizational compliance to applicable risk management regulations, standards, and corporate policies. Mitigate the risk of loss, reduce exposure to regulatory citations and penalties, and protect your brand.

  • Drive engagement

    Leverage purpose-built tools to help share risk information broadly across the workforce to support better risk control and drive greater employee participation in risk management actions and decisions.

Streamline Process

Automate and streamline shop floor processes, manage the entire nonconformance lifecycle, and support enterprise-wide continuous improvement initiatives as a stand-alone EQMS or integrated with EHS.

Increase Visibility

Gain actionable insight into performance, cost of quality and risk-related metrics, monitor suppliers, capture customer feedback, and ensure the highest product standards.

Supplier Performance

Transform the way you engage, collaborate, track, and improve all supplier related quality management activities in a secure and centralized system.

Prioritize quality management for operational excellence

Designed to protect our customer’s global workforce from operational risk and streamline, automate, and improve compliance for better worker performance.

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Our team of industry experts has created an extensive library of resources on topics, like the below, to help organizations stay in-the-know on evolving best-practices, industry news, and current trends related to quality program management.

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