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Cority Upgrades Waste Management Solution

Key milestone of Enviance acquisition moves customers onto more modern technology

Toronto, ON, October 27, 2022 – Cority, a global enterprise EHS (Environmental, Health, and Safety) software provider, announced today the official upgrade of its acquired Enviance Waste Management solution onto the comprehensive CorityOne platform. This milestone advances the integration activities of Cority’s 2020 acquisition of Enviance, sunsetting the legacy waste solution and upgrading customers onto more modern and agile technology.

“We aim to incorporate all acquired technologies into our comprehensive CorityOne platform,” said Justin Dennis, Cority’s VP of mergers and acquisitions. “Through a comprehensive evaluation, we determine the best path forward to provide the most value to our customers. This can be done in one of two ways: either by upgrading the solution onto the CorityOne platform directly or integrating into the platform.”

Enviance, one of the earliest EHS software providers, grew to serve over 400 organizations across 30 industries between its founding in 1999 and when it was acquired by Cority in 2020. Over this period, the software company built a strong reputation with customers for its environmental tracking and reporting capabilities, making Enviance a natural complement to Cority’s established leadership in the industry.

With the upgrade completed, the best of both the Enviance and Cority Waste Management solutions has been combined into a single offering. All of Cority’s waste management customers are now on the same advanced, SaaS-based CorityOne platform, benefitting from the improved waste management solution.

For legacy Enviance customers, the benefits of the upgraded waste management solution include:

  • Faster, more responsive user interface compatible with modern browsers
  • Support for mobile devices
  • Extensive dashboard and report creation capabilities
  • Fully integrated e-manifest solution with e-signature
  • Additional container features such as bulk barcoding and inspections

In addition to the above, the upgraded Waste Management solution is now a part of CorityOne, the company’s integrated EHS platform, consisting of a comprehensive suite of solutions for managing environmental, health, safety, sustainability, and quality programs. Providing a scalable and seamless path for future growth, the responsible business platform enables the data gathered and calculated within the Waste Management solution to be combined with other datasets from across the organization for realizing improved efficiencies, data-driven decision-making, more accurate reporting, and a holistic view of EHS performance.

On the heels of Cority’s most recent acquisition of Reporting 21, an ESG reporting software platform, this key milestone for the previously acquired Enviance demonstrates the company’s commitment to not only invest in strategic and complementary solutions, but to bring value to both existing and acquired customers.

Dennis added, “We have established a framework and processes that ensure nothing is left behind. Working to combine the best of related technologies to create a better solution, we then raise the bar even further by connecting it to the overall CorityOne platform. All customers see increased value in the resulting upgraded or integrated solution. It’s exciting to reach another milestone in the Enviance integration activity and I look forward to doing the same for our more recent acquisitions.”


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