Environmental Incident Management Software

Our Incident Management software module is critical component of Cority’s Environmental Management solution. Developed, supported and continuously enhanced by our internal environmental experts with real-world experience

This powerful incident management module enables organizations to collect comprehensive data on environmental incidents, creating an accurate picture of the event and allowing the organization to identify root causes and learning points, implement corrective actions, ensure proper incident notification up the internal chain-of-command and with applicable external agencies. It provides your business with a complete environmental incident management solution.

Key Benefits

  • Standardize and streamline environmental incident reporting and investigation workflows, building a consistent and reliable process across sites, business units and/or countries
  • Collect, aggregate and communicate information quickly and effectively to support accurate incident notification
  • Improve and accelerate information sharing between environmental professionals, supervisors and managers
  • Identify root causes that underlie problems in your processes, allowing sharing of key lessons learned and ensuring effective corrective actions to address known causes
  • Promote data integrity and ensure compliance with complete, comprehensive, accurate and secure incident reports and investigations
  • Leverage preventive action software tools to prevent similar incidents from happening again
  • Track critical environmental metrics and KPIs to identify trends, hazards and root causes to support business decisions and change management
  • Support adherence to environmental management system standards, including ISO 14001

Why environmental incident managers choose Cority

Environmental Incident Reporting and Notification

Simplify and speed up your reporting process

Our environmental incident management module provides your business with advanced functionality to ensure an effective incident reporting and notification process.

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Data Collection and Investigation

Support your investigation effectively

Our environmental incident management module simplifies and streamlines the collection of incident data to support effective investigations.

Root Cause Analysis

Complete comprehensive, accurate and effective root cause analyses (RCA)

Our environmental investigation module  supports all Root Cause Analyses methodologies such as 5-Why’s Analysis, Fishbone Ishikawa, FMEA, and TapRoot®.

Root Cause Analysis
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Investigation Approvals and Corrective Action Tracking

Approve investigation and monitor corrective actions from creation to closure

Our environmental incident management module not only takes the effort and headaches out of incident data collection and root cause analysis but gives your organization a truly effective solution through which to approve investigation and monitor corrective actions from creation to closure.

Environmental Incident Management Metrics

Empowering you with meaningful metrics

Cority’s comprehensive Business Intelligence tools empowers you with meaningful data to understand that factors are underlying environmental incidents and giving you the opportunity to shift priorities or increase resources to address these issues early before they can translate to incidents.


Integration points

Cority’s Environmental Incident software module integrates these other modules in the platform:

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