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Onboarding Employees

Simplify and Automate
Pre-Placement Visits

Pre-employment testing is critical to baseline employee health prior to employment and to access employee readiness for job responsibilities.

Using the pre-placement screening module, Candidates can complete the self enrollment process, including completing all questionnaires electronically, before their scheduled visit, expediting time spent at the clinic. Clinics can schedule and track all prospective employee health screening, and document visit notes directly into ReadySet at the point of care. Upon hire, the candidates record is Integrated with the organization’s HR system. This module’s unique process achieves consistent and efficient health screening for new hires, re-hires, and transfer candidates.

  • Pre Placement Candidate
  • Call-to-Action Instructions
  • MyHealth Worker Self Access Portal
  • Online Appointment Scheduling
  • Post Offer Screening Exam
  • Transition to Employee Status and Ongoing Programs

Job Requirement Program Assignment

Based on job classification, the ReadySet software automatically assigns an applicant to all required health surveys, testing, pre-employment drug testing and exams associated with the job description.

Electronic Consents and Questionnaires

In keeping with full worker engagement, applicants can sign into their worker self-access portal to complete all of their post offer questionnaires and track completion of their tests and exams.

Schedule and Attend Pre-Placement Screening

Upon completion of all pre-hire surveys, tests and exams from anywhere at any time, occupational health and employee health services are immediately notified to schedule the applicant’s pre-placement screening interview.

The Onboarding Employee Health Workflow
Pre Placement Candidate

The specialized HR portal empowers recruiters by letting them manage all required health screening activities for potential employees, including new, re-hire and transfer candidates. This entire pre-employment process is managed through the portal, which is seamlessly integrated with the organization’s HR system.

To begin the process, the recruiter enters only the candidate’s name and their JOB description. Through the HR portal, the system automatically assigns all required health programs and tests. The recruiter then schedules all pre-employment screening appointments as needed.

Recruiters, who use the HR portal, are allowed access to only the information they need. The system blocks their access to any sensitive health information.

Call-to-Action Instructions

HR/Recruiters or Employee Health Department staff can send “Call to Action” instructions to the candidates directing them to sign on to their personal MyHealth portal and complete any pending questionnaires or consent forms.

MyHealth Worker Self Access Portal

The candidate completes their assigned consents and questionnaires via the MyHealth worker self access portal from any web enabled device prior to arriving at the clinic for their screening appointment. Upon completion, the ReadySet® software’s real-time management system automatically notifies the recruiter of the candidate’s status and whether or not they are approved for duty.

Online Appointment Scheduling

ReadySet software allows for scheduling appointments across the entire enterprise. Multiple calendars can be viewed online in one screen or printed by simply selecting the calendar. Online appointment scheduling allows all scheduling to immediately update system wide.
Recruiters can schedule appointments across any location with ease. Each clinic location has access to only their appointments. Candidates have secure, 24/7 access to their MyHealth portal and appointment information online.

Post Offer Screening Exam

The post offer assessment module includes a broad range of tests, exams and programs, such as drug testing, respirator programs, hearing tests, titers, immunizations, physical exams, pulmonary function testing, vision tests and TB screening. Pre employment screening also includes clinical charting forms and surveys for visual acuity, Ishihara color, physical exam, vital data, toxicology, progress note and latex allergy. Once the exam process is completed, the Recruiter is electronically notified with the Employee Health “hire” designation.

Transition to Employee Status and Ongoing Programs

Hospital and Healthcare environments contain employee hazards that require a formal medical surveillance programs. ReadySet® provides the tools and clinical decision support that help ensure compliance with OSHA and organizational requirements. Candidates seamlessly transfer from their pre placement screening into the organizations ongoing medical surveillance programs and follow up vaccination programs.

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Support for the Onboarding of Employee Health Workflow

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