Ongoing Employee
Health Management Workflow

Automate Ongoing
Surveillance Programs

Ongoing employee health management is critical to the health and wellbeing of your worker population. ReadySet allows you to seamlessly manage all programs from TB, Influenza, Respirator Protection, Vaccinations, Animal Handler Surveillance, USP 800 – Hazardous Drug Surveillance and more. In addition, full injury management tools are included allowing you to manage all your OSHA, Sharps injuries, Leave information, Return to Work, employer first report of injury information from a single point, reducing duplicate data entry and eliminating potential data entry errors.

  • Manual or Automated Call to Action Instructions
  • Electronic Worker Consent and Questionnaire
  • Schedule Appointment or attend an Event
  • Medical Surveillance and Clinical Services
  • Reporting and Compliance Status
  • Compliance Due

Seamless Transition from Pre Placement to Ongoing Program Management

Worker Consents/Surveys Completed Electronically

Clinical Services Electronically Charted at Point of Care

Ongoing Employee Health Workflow
Manual or Automated Call to Action Instructions

The ReadySet system provides clients with a comprehensive set of program management communication templates, tools and the ability to interface with the client’s HR data. Create and automate e-mail and other general communications, instructing workers to complete online consent forms and following up for service. Examples include immunization program announcements, program initiation announcements, compliance letters, and other various program communications based on due dates, birth/hire month, department and more.

The ReadySet “MyHealth” portal provides employees with an integrated way to complete consents and questionnaires electronically. Paper and printing is not required. Embedded Clinical Decision Support will electronically display each workers reported risk factors to the clinician at the point of care. All test and exam summary screens are also programmed to only display the most important past clinical information charted on an individual.

Schedule Appointment or attend an Event

ReadySet allows for scheduling, re-scheduling and editing of clinic appointments. Each clinic location sees only its own appointments; however, recruiters or other corporate roles can easily schedule across any clinic location. ReadySet® allows for individual provider calendars as well as a general clinic calendar. Multiple calendars can be viewed in one screen, or easily printed with the flexibility to configure different appointment type duration times, drag and drop reschedule, appointment note and more.

Event Management Portal allows for rapid and efficient processing of participants during mass vaccination or screening events such as influenza vaccinations, wellness events or medical surveillance screenings. The event access portal provides barcode scanning for both identification of the participant and vaccine/lot number entry, embedded Clinical Decision Support that electronically processes each participant’s reported risk factors and instantly displays important medical considerations, real-time Charting at the point-of-care for improved efficiency and error reduction, real-time compliance statistics for follow-up actions.

Medical Surveillance and Clinical Services
TB Surveillance Module

The TB medical surveillance module contains a health worker and patient survey that gathers all regulatory required exposure, prior treatment, diagnosis, and symptom information for tuberculosis. Clinical decision support is integrated with the questionnaire to ensure a consistent level of care per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines for TB surveillance and exposures. The survey is required whenever there’s an:

  • Exposure to tuberculosis
  • New employee pre-placement screenings
  • Annual tuberculosis screening campaigns

The TB testing includes charting forms for tuberculin skin tests (TST), and QIFN/IGRA (Quantiferon Gold) blood tests, chest x-ray interpretation forms, symptom and exposure surveys, and TB symptom review and program reporting. ReadySet can schedule appointments and send reminders for TB testing programs. It offers a range of reports, including conversion and compliance rates and filtering by department, facility, or region. It includes results and conversions that may be reportable to county health departments.

As part of ReadySet clinic management, an event access portal allows for rapid and efficient processing of participants during campaign events for tuberculosis screening. The event management feature gives the required flexibility during mass campaigns with the security necessary to protect patient information.

Seasonal Flu Vaccination Module

The ReadySet seasonal flu module provides integrated management and reporting tools to implement a reliable, streamlined, and compliant flu vaccination tracking program. It complies with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations and the National Health Safety Network (NHSN) reporting requirements. The influenza vaccine for healthcare workers program includes:
A smart “all-in-one” electronic form that collects consent, declination, received elsewhere, and exemption information.

  • Rapid point of care charting
  • Instant “single click” NHSN Flu and compliance reports
  • Supervisor Compliance Dashboard (optional)
  • Annually reviewed and updated surveys
  • Annually reviewed and updated Influenza charting and consent forms
  • Annually reviewed reports aligned with flu vaccination package insert contraindications and warnings

The report templates provide for real-time compliance reporting, vaccine use tracking, and continuous improvement activities. NHSN report templates are provided for CDC/NHSN compliance reporting.  The ReadySet immunization module’s set of integrated management and reporting software tools provide a reliable, streamlined, and compliant tracking program. It handles all first time, annual, boosters, and shot series. It tracks prior documentation of immunity, vaccination dates, titer results, and can send automated reminders to workers who are due for an immunization action.

Immunization Tracking

The immunization software tracks diphtheria, hepatitis A and B, meningitis, MMR (mumps measles and rubella), pertussis, varicella (chicken pox), pneumococcal (pneumonia), tetanus/diphtheria and pertussis (TDaP), typhoid, and herpes zoster (shingles). The module complies with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations and the National Health Safety Network (NHSN) reporting requirements.

Axion Health’s medical content team annually reviews FDA-approved manufacturer package-inserts for all vaccines, reviews CDC recommendations, and updates medical indications and contraindications. All notes, charts, and compliance data are made immediately available for reporting throughout the system.These include:

  • Annually reviewed and updated surveys
  • Annually reviewed and updated charting and consent forms
  • Annually reviewed reports aligned with vaccination package insert contraindications

The immunization software program’s report templates provide for standardized compliance reporting, tracking vaccine usage, and evaluating data accuracy. NHSN report templates are provided for CDC/NHSN compliance reporting.

Medical Surveillance Modules

The medical surveillance modules provide the framework needed to establish a worker medical surveillance program and the tools to track and monitor workplace exposures. Axion Health ReadySet software has hundreds of medical surveillance protocols including USP 800 Hazardous Drug Surveillance, Animal Handler Screening, MRI Worker Screening and more. All are available to aid in protecting employees in their unique workplace. Additionally, OSHA mandates medical surveillance for exposure to certain chemicals and substances. The ReadySet software offers solutions to help ensure proper medical surveillance implementation and programmatic overview. Walk into your next OSHA audit with full confidence in your medical surveillance program and reporting.

Illness Injury and Exposure Module

ReadySet tracks a broad range of worker illness, injury and exposure events. It includes an integrated suite of participant surveys, clinical charting forms and report-of-injury forms. Custom reports let organizations consistently and accurately document, track, and report on the following:

  • Blood and body fluid (BBF) exposures including hepatitis B, hepatitis C, HIV and contaminated percutaneous injuries
  • Chemical Exposures, such as chemical spills, inhalation exposures, and skin exposures, including OSHA regulated hazards as well as other toxicants
  • Infectious disease exposures including pertussis, meningitis and TB
  • Physical Injuries including all injuries caused by slips, trips and falls, patient handling-related injuries and workplace violence
  • Urgent care/walk-in type injuries or issues
  • First aid

Quickly identifying and managing employee illness, injury, and exposures are important to help both the worker and organization return to maximum effectiveness. The ReadySet illness, injury, and exposure module provides tracking of work restrictions, restricted and lost work days, documentation of consents and declinations, testing results and treatment encounters. It allows for the efficient management of worker care and meets a variety of reporting needs. The module generates incident and injury reports (OSHA forms 300, 300A, 301). It covers blood and body fluids, clean sharps, chemical exposure, infectious disease exposure and physical injury. From inside the application, relevant lab tests can be scheduled and prescriptions submitted to pharmacies.

Returning an injured employee back to work — quickly and effectively — benefits both the worker and the organization. ReadySet’s case management module gives you the tools to manage, track and report on Workers’ Compensation cases. The case management software module uses electronic medical record (EMR) functionality to document all care manager calls, notes and actions, including all communications within the employee’s record. Detailed reports can be run (automatically or manually) to track length of treatment and other desired metrics. The software includes a workers’ compensation case management module, which tracks case numbers, reports of injury, injury details, problem lists, tasks, appointments, physician notes, costs, referrals, restricted time, time off and recurring time away.

Reporting and Compliance Status

ReadySet Intelligent Analytics provides key insights and perspectives to help you successfully manage your employee and occupational health operations and make timely strategic decisions. ReadySet presents real-time and historical data views in easy to use and intuitive dashboards. Intelligent Analytics dashboards are role based, allowing access by Senior Management, Employee Health, HR and others, depending on the depth of information access allowed. One dashboard allows users to run hundreds of “on the fly” reports and minimizes the need for Employee Health to send frequent updates to key personnel. Intelligent Analytics includes:

• Program Compliance Status Dashboards (TB, Respirator Fit, Seasonal Flu)
• Clinic Productivity Dashboards filterable by day of week, provider, clinic and more
• Specialized algorithm driven dashboards for High and Low Risk Facility TB Compliance
• Comprehensive health surveillance HSE dashboards including “drill down” compliance status, upcoming testing trends for resource planning, and productivity information
• Medical Surveillance Dashboards including Physical Capacity Evaluation, Hazardous Drug, Seasonal Flu and more

In addition, the Supervisor Portal provides supervisors with daily compliance status reports for his or her direct reports as defined by the HR data feed. From this portal, supervisors can quickly check on program compliance without having access to private medical information.

Compliance Due

Automate your compliance programs.  Thirty to Sixty days prior to compliance program “next due date”,  ReadySet will automatically send an email “Call to Action” to the worker and simultaneously turn on the required questionnaires.   Just monitor the compliance dashboards to ensure the highest level of enterprise wide compliance.

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