Employee Health Solutions

Employee Health Solutions

For hospitals, healthcare centers and medical professionals

The ReadySet® hospital employee health solution from Cority Axion Health provides innovative occupational health solutions for hospitals and medical professionals.

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Employee Health Solutions

ReadySet's comprehensive COVID-19 Management Module

The ReadySet COVID-19 Module is everything your Occupational Health team needs in the fight to protect your workforce against COVID-19. Included in the ReadySet® Employee Health Software is the ability to manage one on one and event style COVID-19 vaccinations (including boosters if/when necessary), “daily” workforce symptom tracking, travel and staff exposure assessments, management of staff quarantine and more. ReadySet also offers State Immunization Registry integrations, elminating manual, duplicate data entry. Learn more

Understanding the Challenges of Hospitals and Medical Centers

Healthcare facilities are challenged to ensure that their entire workforce is protected against on the job hazards and comply with worker safety and health regulations. Pre-employment testing is critical to baseline employee health prior to employment and to access employee readiness for job responsibilities. In addition, ongoing employee health management is critical to the health and wellbeing of an organization’s worker population. A wide array of complicated surveillance programs, such as those for TB, influenza, respiratory protection, immunizations, COVID-19 and for USP 800 hazardous drug handling, can be difficult to manage with generally limited resources. For employee health professionals, this means finding a system that can manage preventative services, mandatory reporting, and incident investigation in a manner that the data can retained per regulatory guidelines but quickly accessible as proactively address areas of risk.

Understanding the Challenges of Hospitals and Medical Centers

Hospital Employee Health Solutions Features

Onboarding Employees

With hospital management software, you’ll reduce the on-boarding time of new candidates, easily complete pre-employment screenings, and increase operational efficiency.

Offloading and Rehire

ReadySet® reduces the administrative burden of storing and maintaining previous employee records while meeting OSHA record retention requirements.

Relationship Continuity

Cority provides dedicated medical system health center software training resources to ensure all employees can utilize the platform effectively.

Ongoing Programs

Hospital employee health software simplifies compliance programs, injury evaluations, and proactively identifies at-risk workers.

Speed to Value

We onboard your organization quickly and easily via a streamlined pre-procurement process and accelerated implementation.

Scalable Architecture

Our cloud-based software design supports seamless growth to meet the needs of your organization, at every stage of development.

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Hospital Employee Health Solutions

Cority Axion Health is Employee and Occupational health software designed to proactively protect your workforce against on the job hazards, streamline and automate your occupational health surveillance programs, and ensure the highest level of enterprise compliance. The software is workflow driven reducing the time it takes to manage employee health pre-placement services, medical surveillance initiatives, injury and case management activities.

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The software includes all the features and functions necessary for healthcare employee and occupational health departments to manage the onboarding of employees, management of ongoing employee health programs and offloading/rehire process in a streamlined way.

Intuitive tools effectively manage workforce health activities, including dedicated workspaces to simplify and automate daily tasks. The solution provides pre-placement and occupational health surveillance modules, appointment scheduling, program management and automation tools, and compliance and operational dashboards. With the use of the MyHealth worker self- access portal employees or new hires can complete consents and questionnaires from any web enabled device prior to their visit in employee health. Thus, eliminating the need for paper forms to be completed and maintained and thereby streamlining the employee clinic experience.

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