How Cority’s EHS Product Roadmap Excels at Meeting Marketplace Needs

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Selecting an EHS software provider with a product roadmap aligned to future marketplace needs is crucial for staying ahead in the dynamic field of EHS. An aligned roadmap ensures that the software remains compliant with evolving regulations, safeguarding organizations from legal complexities. It also enables effective risk management by addressing emerging challenges, fostering a proactive approach to EHS management. 

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In December 2023, Cority partnered with Arcadis to explore the evolving trends anticipated to impact the EHS world in 2024 and beyond.  Those trends included expected legislative changes, the effect of economic pressures on digitization budgets, along with growing interest from firms to harness the power of artificial intelligence for EHS decision making.   

Given the importance of aligning product roadmaps to marketplace needs, in this piece, we’ll review some of Cority’s most recent product enhancements, demonstrating how the organization is leading the industry in software development aligned to evolving EHS trends and market drivers. 

Read on below to find out more about our 2023 award-winning EHS software solutions: 

Trend: Reframing EHS Operations Through Integrated Systems 

With integrated EHS software systems, companies are empowered to achieve operational and financial efficiencies, specifically through centralized data management. Cority’s integrated software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, named CorityOne, consisting of a comprehensive suite of solutions for managing environmental, health, safety, sustainability, and quality programs, provides a 360-degree picture of risk, empowering EHS professionals to understand the hazards their workforce encounters, and how physical assets can impact people and workplaces. 

2023 was a banner year for Cority, with the company receiving 13+ individual awards for multiple EHS & Sustainability solutions, all integrated within its unified CorityOne platform.  Additionally, Cority was recognized as a Leader in EHS Management, Process Safety Management, ESG Reporting, and Carbon Management by independent EHS & ESG analyst firm, Verdantix, in its biennial Green Quadrant surveys that analyze the prominent software vendors in these respective categories. 

Trend: Legislative Impact on EHS – A Global and U.S. Perspective 

Massive global regulatory changes are underway. In the U.S., for example, California’s SB253/SB261 regulations on sustainability disclosures, and the 2022 Federal Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) are introducing increasingly stringent requirements related to carbon emissions management and accounting.  Similarly, the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Direction (CSRD), along with the U.S. SEC’s proposed climate-related disclosure rules, are expected to further reshape the global EHS landscape, requiring companies to adapt swiftly to remain competitive. EHS & Sustainability professionals must prepare for these changes to ensure compliance, while utilizing these changes asa catalyst for enhanced practices. 

To meet these regulatory shifts and avoid associated business impacts, ranging from compliance-related fines to increased investor scrutiny, organizations must answer the call with accessible and actionable data. In 2023, Cority’s Water Management and Air Emissions Management solutions both earned Product of the Year awards for their product innovation and ability to impactfully meet the changing needs of the marketplace. While these offerings have been a part of Cority’s portfolio for years, both solutions have benefited from continuous improvement based on user feedback and technical innovations. 

Trend: Economic Pressures and EHS&S Digitization 

In the current economic landscape, the drive for digitization in EHS&S is a strategic imperative. Digitization creates opportunities for cost efficiencies, effective resource allocation, and more data-driven decision making that strengthens compliance and supports more proactive and sustainable EHS performance. 

Considering current economic pressures, there is a rising demand for software solutions that can be easily deployed and adopted, helping to engage individuals at all organizational levels to contribute to improved EHS performance.  Cority met this need by developing its line of Essentials solutions – pre-configured packages of EHS best practices, workflows and tools designed by EHS professionals to accelerate adoption and lower time-to-value.   

A healthy worker is a productive worker.  Providing digitized pathways to address workplace health, safety and overall wellbeing is key to driving better workforce engagement, developing a more risk-competent culture, and achieving stronger EHS outcomes. In 2023, two Cority solutions were recognized for their ability to optimize the health & wellbeing of employees.  

First, Cority’s Office Ergonomics Essentials achieved industry recognition for its ability to facilitate the identification, assessment, and mitigation of musculoskeletal risks associated with traditional, hybrid, and remote office workstation designs. Secondly, Cority’s Remote Expert – Telehealth feature, a new integration with video communications provider, Zoom, received a New Product of the Year award. This new solution enables occupational health (OH) staff to schedule and conduct virtual health appointments with their employees, enhancing access to OH preventive care, while streamlining employee medical history monitoring, all via Cority’s comprehensive occupational health solution. 

Trend: Harnessing Advanced Analytics for EHS&S Decision-Making 

One EHS domain that is actively expanding its use of advanced analytics is industrial hygiene. 

Every year, over 2 million lives are lost globally due to occupational diseases associated with workplace exposure to harmful substances. And while many organizations having industrial hygiene programs, budget constraints and a shortage of internal hygiene experts makes managing the exposures underlying these illnesses challenging.   

To address this concern, Cority recently released its award-winning Hygiene Essentials solution – a packaged offering pre-configured with best practice workflows, tools and templates to help organizations who lack budget and/or internal hygiene experts, managing their hygiene program requirements with precision and ease.  Hygiene Essentials customers can supplement the solution by adding on Cority’s globally recognized Bayesian Decision Analysis tool that empowers practitioners to unearth key trends, factors, and insights to better understand occupational exposures to harmful agents, and direct professionals to effective interventions.  

An Aligned EHS Product Roadmap to Ever-Evolving Marketplace Needs is Critical  

In closing, amongst EHS & Sustainability programs the stakes are high, and the job-at-hand is increasingly complex. These factors underscore the importance of ensuring that the systems and software used for EHS program management are supported not only by a product that can scale and flex to meet the unique needs of a business, but one that is also aligned and integrated with the changing needs of the market.  

To find out more about Cority’s market-leading and integrated suite of EHS & Sustainability software solutions, connect with one of our experts today.