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Occupational Medicine

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Deliver high-quality Occupational Medicine services within the community

Cority’s Occupational Medicine solution is designed to optimize clinical workflow and data management, helping customers deliver top-tier occupational medicine services within their communities and maximizing the patient experience. With user-friendly self-serve tools, robust configuration options, and insightful data visualizations, Cority ensures organizations can efficiently manage contractual agreements with employers.

Streamline & Simplify

Streamline Clinical Operations

Leverage intuitive self-serve tools that allow for greater configurability to create and edit employer profiles and integrate employer-specific health protocols and fee schedules to ensure appropriate services are delivered seamlessly and on time during a clinic visit.

Improve the Patient Experience

Adopt a patient-centric approach to occupational medicine services, aiming to decrease waiting room times and expedite clinic visits. Through easily accessible employer-specified health protocols, clinics can streamline charting processes and increase face time between patients and health practitioners.

Understanding the Challenges of Hospitals and Medical Centers

Maximize Margins

Simplify complex billing tasks with integrated employee fee schedules, ensuring services delivered are invoiced accurately to minimize disputes and write-offs while maintaining a steady income stream from occupational medicine services.

Addressing the unique business and medical demands of occupational medicine

Automate appointment scheduling, equipment management, and task list to streamline clinical operations and ensure they run more reliably.

Use self-serve tools to create and manage employer profiles, fee schedules, health protocols, and much more.

Leverage point-of-care charting templates, electronic orders, and automated alerts to create the most accurate, secure, and navigable worker medical record.

Streamline communication between occupational medicine clinics and employers with real-time dashboards providing crucial information while reducing workflow interruptions, paper handling, and associated errors.

Workers Compensation encounter workflows include state regulatory requirements, collaborative documentation and coding methodologies that justify the medical encounter for optimal reimbursement.

Communicate with employers effortlessly with real-time dashboards providing crucial information.

Based on the EHS Software Green Quadrant analysis, Verdantix finds that Cority has robust all-round EHS software capabilities, with strengths in occupational health and industrial hygiene.

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