Integrated and Comprehensive Sustainability Program and Reporting Management

cority sustainability software solutionsCority’s Sustainability Software Solution provides clients with a 360° view of their sustainability programs. From creating and tracking sustainability objectives and targets to collecting data from across the organization, our sustainability software make it easy for sustainability managers and their teams to break down silos and work collaboratively with colleagues across their organization.

Cority’s sustainability software provides clients the ability to create, collect and report on qualitative and quantitative metrics that can be used for internal and external sustainability reporting and makes it easy to collect this data from anyone in your organization. Let us show you how we can make your company’s sustainability journey easier.


Create and manage program objectives and targets

Create, manage and collect qualitative and quantitative metrics

Create complex approval workflows to ensure information has been reviewed and approved


Sustainability Modules


Cority’s Approval Workflow module ensures that all data that has been submitted by individuals has been reviewed and approved by the appropriate management team.

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Cority’s Campaigns module is seamlessly integrated into the Metrics module and enables clients to schedule and collect one to many metrics from across their organization.

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The Objectives module provides EHSQ Managers with a consolidated view of each EHSQ program objective, including the activities assigned to achieve the objective, along with its completion status. With this module, Managers will be able to effectively evaluate the actual progress vs. set targets for each objective. The module is available in Cority's Business Intelligence Suite.

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Cority's powerful metrics toolset is the solution to your ever-changing data and reporting needs. It will help you clearly set and track key performance indicators and gain other meaningful business insights from your EHS data. With these tools you can perform dynamic analysis on various measures, including not only the data you collect using Cority's software modules but also your own company-specific, custom metrics.

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