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Our robust supply chain sustainability software empowers data-driven decisions to optimize your supply chain and engage with suppliers.

Empowering sustainable supply chains 

For sustainability and procurement teams who need to align supplier management with sustainability and ESG goals in one secure platform. 

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Supporting you on your sustainability reporting journey

At Cority, we understand that sustainability and ESG reporting is a journey. That’s why we have built the right technology and have the right expertise to support you every step of the way.


We understand that one size does not fit all. This highly scalable platform grows with your company and your evolving ESG reporting requirements; both now and in the future.


A flexible and customizable solution which will be configured to your organizational structure, your specific reporting requirements so you can access and manage your data, your way.


Engage employees and stakeholders in your sustainability and ESG reporting strategy and share insights that are relevant to them.


Our team of sustainability and ESG experts is here to advise and support you through every milestone of your reporting journey. We’ll be an extension of your sustainability team.

Market-leading sustainability and ESG software solutions

Verdantix Green Quadrant

The 2023 report recognizes Cority for enterprise-wide sustainability and evolving ESG initiatives

Top Product of the Year

2023 – Environment + Energy Leader Honors Cority for Fifth Consecutive Year

Innovative Software Solution Designed to Support Sustainable Supply Chain Strategies



Data Collection
Supplier Assessments
GHG Emissions Calculation
Reporting & Analysis
Risk Management
Supplier Audits
  • Streamline Data Collection

    Automatically collect and manage data from across your supplier network at scale.

  • Flexible Questionnaires

    Collect any data, information, metrics or documentation with customizable questionnaires aligned with frameworks, standards, and regulations.

  • Unlimited Questionnaires

    Create, edit and distribute as many questionnaires as needed, ensuring all information and compliance requirements are met.

  • Compliance Dashboards

    Dedicated compliance dashboards where the compliance status of suppliers can be analyzed and reported on at any time.

  • Scoring

    Customized scorecards can be created and applied to supplier responses and scores can be compared across supplier groups and categories.

  • Supporting Documentation

    Supporting files and certification and policy documentation can be uploaded and shared by suppliers.

  • Easy-to-use Scope 3 Tools

    Simple step-by-step user interface makes the calculation process accessible and efficient, particularly for suppliers with little experience in carbon measurement.

  • Primary Carbon Data

    Capture primary data directly from suppliers and calculate supplier company, site and product level carbon footprints / LCAs from primary consumption data.

  • Accurate Emissions Factors

    GHG emissions are calculated using built-in database of almost 1.5 million emissions factors from international standards including GHG Protocol, Defra, US EPA and IEA.

  • Scope 3 Reporting

    Accurate supplier GHG emissions data can automatically feed into Cority’s Sustainability Performance Management solution.

  • Dedicated Dashboards

    Carbon emissions analysis tools provide a breakdown of calculated emissions across the relevant time periods, quality metrics, categories, and scopes to enable unlimited analysis.

  • Flexible Reporting

    Flexible data analysis tools and dashboards to meet internal and external reporting requirements.

  • Customizable Outputs

    Customize data outputs as needed for reporting by supplier group, type, category, risk flags, sector, or geography.

  • Gain Actionable Insights

    View and analyze data any way you like using flexible and initiative analysis tools and customizable dashboards.

  • Identify Risks

    Customizable risk flags to automatically identify risks with suppliers at scale.

  • Action Plans

    Automated supplier corrective action plans with deadlines and clear objectives that can be linked to documents or questionnaires.

  • User Defined

    Automatically assesses suppliers against user-defined risk criteria.

  • Two-way Communication

    Suppliers can communicate directly with customers in ‘real-time’ to resolve issues or information requests efficiently.

  • Flexible Audit Functions

    Data audits can be carried out on all questionnaires to support internal and external audit requirements.

  • Audit Program Integration

    Third party audit programs can be integrated to ensure all audit reports are stored in one place.

  • Third Party Audits

    Groups of suppliers can be placed in audit groups and assigned to specific users.

Engage suppliers

Build sustainable and collaborative relationships with suppliers and support them on their own sustainability journey.

Streamline reporting

Collect and manage all supply chain sustainability, Scope 3 GHG emissions and supporting information in one centralized platform.

Manage risk

Identify and address supply chain risk quickly and effectively so you can focus on integrating sustainability into procurement practices.

Resources curated by sustainability and ESG experts

Field-Proven Enterprise Sustainability Management Needs Field-Proven Expertise

Our team of ESG and sustainability industry experts has created the following resources to help its customers keep on top of the ever-evolving reporting landscape, industry news, and current trends in ESG reporting.