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ESG software solutions for private markets

Whether you’re an ESG-focussed investor or a general partner, portfolio, asset, or risk manager who reports on ESG data, Cority’s trusted solutions support accurate data-driven insights.

An investor ESG solution that delivers

Cority’s investor ESG management solution for private markets streamlines data collection and reporting to inform responsible investment decisions at every step of the ESG journey. 

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Supporting you on your ESG journey.

Collecting, analyzing and reporting accurate, credible and consistent ESG data is crucial in enabling you to achieve your ESG goals.

Empower everyone to make a difference

Engage your investors and portfolio companies in your ESG strategy and empower them with the insights and tools they need to achieve their own ESG goals.

Count on us at every stage

We understand that ESG reporting is a journey. Our team of ESG experts is here to advise and support you, and your portfolio companies, at every step of the way.

Rely on software you won’t outgrow

We understand that one size does not fit all. This highly scalable platform grows with your investment portfolio and your ESG reporting requirements; both now and in the future.

Tailor the platform to your needs

A flexible and customizable solution which can be configured with any ESG metric, from our ESG metric library or unique to you.

Cority Recognized as a Leader

Technology ESG

2022 – Greenstone was announced the winner of the ´Technology: ESG´ award at The Drawdown Awards

Top Product of the Year

2023 – Environment + Energy Leader Honors Investor ESG software with Top Product of the Year award

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Data Collection
GHG Emissions Calculation
Reporting & Analysis
Engagement Tools
Risk Management
Due Diligence
  • Custom metrics

    You can collect any ESG metric you need by distributing customizable questionnaires and carbon emissions calculation tools to portfolio companies.

  • Streamline data collection

    Collect and manage data from multiple portfolio companies and fund structures.

  • Unlimited questionnaires

    You can create, edit and distribute as many questionnaires as needed ensuring all information requirements can be met.

  • ESG metric library

    Metrics and questions can be selected from an ESG question library – including content from partner frameworks such as SASB, GRI & CDP- or created from scratch.

  • Permissions-based

    You have complete control over all aspects of data, metrics, reporting, scoring and engagement.

  • Easy-to-use tools

    The simple step-by-step user interface makes the calculation process accessible and efficient, particularly for portfolio companies with little experience in carbon measurement.

  • Primary carbon data

    Capture primary data directly from portfolio companies and calculate investment carbon footprints from primary consumption data.

  • Accurate emissions factors

    GHG emissions are calculated using in-built database of over 1+m emissions factors  from international standards including GHG Protocol, Defra, US EPA and IEA. 

  • Scope 3 reporting

    Investors can use this accurate GHG emissions data to feed into their Scope 3 reporting.

  • Dedicated dashboards

    Dedicated GHG Scope 3 category dashboards, dynamic modeling, and data aggregation for investments.

  • Flexible reporting

    Flexible data analysis tools and dashboards to enable investors to meet internal and external reporting requirements.

  • Framework alignment

    The metric library and questions are aligned and mapped to multiple ESG reporting frameworks and standards (e.g. TCFD, SDGs, UNPRI, PCAF, etc.).

  • Customizable outputs

    You can customize data outputs as needed for reporting by portfolio, fund, status, sector, geography or company.

  • Gain actionable insights

    View and analyze your data any way you like using our flexible and initiative analysis tools and customizable dashboards.

  • Stakeholder reporting

    Using our permissions controls, you control access to data and can set permissions to communicate specific insights to different audiences.

  • Portfolio engagement

    Our intuitive user interface, communication tools and step-by-step guidance enhances the portfolio company experience.

  • Identify risk

    Customizable scoring and flagging tools ensure that ESG risk can be easily and automatically evaluated and identified.

  • Benchmarking

    You can benchmark companies across your portfolio, industry best practices, and third-party sources.

  • Improvement projects

    You can set improvement projects, with clear goals, and work closely with portfolio companies to monitor progress through communication tools.

  • Approvals

    Approval and data validation processes can be set for both internal and third-party parties.

  • Screen future investments

    Distribute customized questionnaires to companies at pre-investment stage.

  • Identify potential risk

    Filter and screen response and use flags and alerts to be informed of potential risk areas.

Engage stakeholders

Share tailored insights and actions with different stakeholders, from investors to portfolio companies. Engage with portfolio companies in ESG performance using comprehensive guidance and communication tools.

Manage data

Collect, manage and track ESG data in a single platform. Automated data flows across the value chain enable the collection of primary data at source for accurate calculation aligned with certified methodologies such as PCAF and GHG Protocol.

Meet standards

Align with international standards through integrated frameworks and standards such as CDP, EU Taxonomy, SFDR, GRI, SASB, UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), GRESB, the UN PRI and TCFD, or define proprietary KPIs

Explore Resources on ESG for Private Markets Curated by our Team of Industry Experts. 

Field-Proven Enterprise Sustainability Management Needs Field-Proven Expertise

Whether you are just starting your ESG reporting journey, or you are an industry leader, ESG reporting comes with its challenges. These resources have been created by the Cority team to help investors in private markets to incorporate ESG performance and engagement into their long-term investment decisions and portfolio management strategies.