The SEG Management Module is available in both the Industrial Hygiene and Occupational Health Software Suites in the Cority application, allowing for the harmonization of exposure groups across your organization. In the Industrial Hygiene Software Suite, the SEG Management Module is an effective tool to help hygienists streamline the management of similar exposure groups.

Key Features and Benefits of the SEG Management Module:

The SEG Management module enables hygienists to:

  • Share SEG data with Medical for a harmonious approach to health surveillance management
  • Efficiently manage all similar exposure groups through one central access point
  • Define and configure organizational SEGs to meet unique and specific requirements
  • Dynamically refine / update SEGs according to ongoing risk assessment, monitoring, and survey findings
  • Add or remove employees to the surveillance group on an ad-hoc basis as needed
  • Track all agents to which the SEG could potentially be exposed
  • Link job position, tasks, and processes to the SEG record
  • Define and track the personal protective equipment (PPE) that should be assigned to the SEG
  • Track all active and inactive members of an SEG and maintain an SEG history for employees
  • Connect recalls with activities associated with the other modules in the Industrial Hygiene suite
  • Utilize automatic notifications to recall employees for medical surveillance activities

SEG Management Reporting & Metrics

  • Report on SEG data using numerous standard reports within the Cority system
  • Report on any other data tracked in the SEG Management module using the flexible Report Writer tool
  • Analyze SEG data by business unit or site tree hierarchy using Cority’s data cube for metrics

Integration Points

SEG Management functionality is available in both the Industrial Hygiene and Occupational Health Software Suites. In the Industrial Hygiene Software Suite, it integrates with the following modules:

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