Mobile EHS Solutions

Empower and engage your workers on-the-go

Operational excellence is achieved only when your workforce is empowered to take a leading role in managing EHSQ risk. Enter Cority’s robust mobile EHS solution. Whether online or offline, Cority provides the people at the front-line of your business with access to the power of our CorityOne™ platform in a simple, intuitive, and highly personalized mobile interface, helping them manage EHSQ business processes with greater confidence and ease.

Mobile EHS Solutions

Intuitive and engaging app experience

The true benefits of EHSQ software solutions are only realized when these solutions are widely adopted and consistently used. With a simple, intuitive app interface that’s personalized to the worker and their role, myCority mobile EHS solution is designed to increase adoption rates and reduce deployment costs while offering some of the most advanced features on the market to manage EHSQ risk in a single, comprehensive mobile app.

Most comprehensive mobile functionality

Unlock the full power of the CorityOne™ platform with the broadest and deepest EHSQ feature set on any mobile app available. Easily create personalized, role-based experiences, ensuring everyone can participate in critical activities and programs no matter their technical prowess. From occasional users that need to submit simple work observations, to subject matters experts performing complex field work, myCority mobile EHS solution supports them all.

Most comprehensive mobile functionality

Powerful and efficient mobile technology

Multiple native apps are expensive and IT-intensive to manage.
Using the latest technology, Cority utilizes your device’s capabilities and browser to create provide a progressive web app without the ongoing costs or complexity of native apps. And as the app ties directly back to CorityOne™, the highest level of data security is always assured, and accurate data is always accessible and in sync no matter which interface is used.

Online and offline capabilities

Field work often means working in areas with limited to no connectivity – anywhere from an underground shaft to an off-shore platform. In these environments, being able to access your key EHSQ data on a mobile device is critical to complete work safely and efficiently. With extensive offline functionalities, myCority mobile EHS solution allows your workers to complete their tasks whenever they are, even if offline, storing data and automatically uploading it when the device is back online.

Online and offline capabilities
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Introduction to myCority

With Cority’s mobile solution, your organization can

With Cority, we’re able to capture more incidents, inspections and related corrective action data directly from our mobile devices. Communication has improved company-wide as we’re able to send out messages automatically when events occur. Now, we’re able to capture high-potential events, investigate them, train employees and make quick adjustments to reduce the probability of it happening in the future.

Robert Wesley, HSE Director - TGS Nopec

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