The Pulmonary Function Testing Module in Cority’s Occupational Health Software Suite is used to efficiently track and record all employee pulmonary function tests, with the option to interface directly with spirometers.

Key Benefits of the Pulmonary Function Testing Module

This module will enable occupational health professionals to:

  • Interface directly with various spirometers to quickly and efficiently populate details and results of employee pulmonary function tests
  • Record clearances for respirator fit tests and automatically transfer clearance status to the Respiratory Fit Testing Module in the Safety, Industrial Hygiene and Training Software Suite
  • Track the employee’s smoking history
  • Review system generated interpretations (i.e.: normal spirometry, restricted/obstructed, etc.), based on PFT results and the pulmonary standard defined for the system
  • Attach questionnaires with employee responses to the PFT record, such as the mandatory OSHA Respirator Medical Evaluation Questionnaire

Key Components

The features of this module fall into three groups:

Recording PFT Details and Results

  • Capture employee HR and demographic details, which will be automatically populated once you select an employee for a test or if you are using direct interface with spirometer
  • Flag whether the pulmonary test should appear on the problem list
  • Track any pertinent symptoms identified during a prior physical assessment (if any)
  • Identify the best test(s) if there are multiple tests performed on the same date
  • Track which spirometer was used and view date of last calibration (populated from the Equipment Module or manually recorded)
  • Record all smoking history details, including tobacco type, frequency and start and stop date (multiple histories can be recorded)
  • Reference the employee’s restrictions as captured in the other Occupational Health Software Suite modules
  • Add and track any notes relating to the PFT
  • Capture detailed PFT results, either manually or through direct spirometer interface:
    • FVC
    • FEV1
    • FEV1/FVC%
    • PEF
    • FEF 25-75%
    • FET
    • FVC Variability
    • FEV1 Variability
  • Track predicted values for each of the above, automatically calculated based on your defined standard (i.e.: Crapo, European Respiratory Society, Knudson 1976 or 1983, Morris, or NHANESIII)
  • Automatically calculate interpretation (Normal, Severe, Mild, Moderate Restriction, etc.)
  • Track date of Medical Clearance and record which practitioner signed the record and when

Spirometer Interfaces

  • Easy One
  • Koko
  • OMI
  • Puritan Bennett
    • PB100
    • PB700 Renaissance II
  • Schiller
    • SP10
  • Vitalograph
    • Spirotrac IV
    • Spirotrac V
  • Depisteo
    • Q13

PFT Reports

  • Quickly run Cority Standard Reports to obtain various data on pulmonary function testing
  • Use Cority’s flexible Report Writer tool to report on any other additional data captured in the module
  • Leverage the Metrics tool to efficiently analyze pulmonary function test count by various dimensions, including medical clearances, geographic / demographic criteria, or spirometer

Integration Points

The Pulmonary Function Testing Module integrates with the following modules in the Cority software system:

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