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The Medical Chart Module in Cority’s market-leading Occupational Health solution acts as a secure electronic medical record for recording and tracking employee medical data.

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Cority helps you monitor the health & wellness of your workforce

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Our Medical Chart module enables occupational health professionals and clinicians to more effectively and efficiently monitor the health & wellness of your workforce, ensuring they have timely and secure access to accurate medical information to provide effective health services, monitor treatment, and ensure enrollment in appropriate health surveillance activities to keep employees safe and healthy on the job.

How Cority’s Occupational Health Medical Chart Module Helps

With our Medical Chart module, you can:

Consolidate all relevant health / medical information from all modules across Cority’s Occupational Health solution in one comprehensive, highly-secure and easy-to-navigate electronic record

Access medical history for each employee under your care, including:
• Clinic visit records
• Health surveillance activities and status
• Employee risk profile and risk assessment records related to the work they perform
• Diagnoses, medications, and allergies
• Immunizations and travel clearance
• Clinical testing results, including serological, audiometric, vision, imaging and drug tests
• Absences and restrictions
• Medical classifications
• All related medical notes

Track upcoming or scheduled health assessments or medical tests, and review results to determine the next appropriate course of action.

Monitor key medical indicators for a patient, including blood pressure, cholesterol, BMI and even their Framingham Risk Score – an early indicator of cardiovascular disease risk!

Review and sign any medical notes created in any of the other modules in our Occupational Health solution.

Security is Key!

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Cority takes the health privacy of its clients and their employees very seriously. It’s why we employ the highest data security features available to ensure sensitive data is protected, and individual health confidentiality is assured at all times. Our operations are ISO 27001 certified, and our solutions employs features including record encryption, user-based permissions and security features that can be applied to specific fields in records to ensure only authorized personnel have access to private health information. Learn more about Cority security.

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