Cority’s occupational health manager software now provides an expansive drug database and ePrescription functionality for Cority-hosted, U.S. clients. Licensed users with the appropriate role will have access to the drug database and be able to transmit employee medication orders to pharmacies electronically.

A user or medical provider can:

  • Perform extensive research on drugs (including their side effects, as well as any interactions or boxed warnings)
  • Prescribe medications for employees electronically
  • Map existing employee medications to the drug database for ePrescribing
  • View ePrescription statuses and refill requests
  • Manage refill requests electronically by choosing to approve or deny the request, or to prescribe a different medication instead
  • View and monitor ePrescription interaction notifications and transaction log messages

To support this functionality, Cority uses the Lexicomp database to provide users with detailed information on drugs and drug interactions, the Surescripts clinical network to connect Cority users to pharmacies, and EPCS Gold for facilitating the electronic prescription of controlled substances.

Additional Benefits of the Drug Database and ePrescription

The additional benefits of this functionality fall into four categories:

Drug Database Information

The drug database provides medication information in an easily digestible format, and the information can be printed to be given to patients.


Note: The above image is for the purpose of illustration only.

For many medications, the database provides a full-reference monograph along with images for identification purposes.

ePrescription Security

Cority makes data security a top priority, and ePrescription has been developed accordingly. Administrators are able to manage ePrescription security through the use of roles such as the default eRx Admin and eRx Prescriber roles.

ePrescription Reporting

ePrescription employee medication records are stored the same way as other employee medication records, so for ePrescription reporting ePrescribers can use the familiar Cority reporting features.

Integration Points

The drug database and ePrescription functionality is available through the Clinic Visit module of Cority’s advanced Occupational Health Software Suite.

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