The Chest X-Ray Module in Cority’s Occupational Health Software Suite provides relevant occupational health practitioners with a central access point to monitor and store employee chest x-ray results.

Key features and Benefits of the Chest X-Ray Module:

This module will enable occupational health professionals to:

  • Promote effective capture of all details relating to the employee’s chest x-ray, including:
    • Date of last x-ray
    • Employee’s geographic location and HR data (auto-populated when you select the employee)
    • Test values for small opacities, large opacities, pleural calcification, and pleural thickening
    • Film date, film quality
    • Reader’s name
    • Pulmonary Symbol
    • Notes area document text interpretation of the x-ray
  • Track B-reader evaluations of chest x-ray results, if necessary
  • Access chest x-ray results in the employee’s electronic medical record via the Medical Chart Module
  • Scan physical chest x-rays and any relating documents into the system
  • Flag a chest x-ray to be included on the problem list report
  • Quickly view a summary of all chest x-rays using Cority’s Standard Reports tool

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