Product Demo: Cority’s Industrial Hygiene Solution

Cority’s Industrial Hygiene Software: How to Use your Data to Demonstrate the Full Value of Your IH Program

Anticipating, recognizing, evaluating and controlling workplace hazards remains a critical lever in the prevention of workplace illness. Yet, as organizations look to reduce their operating costs in a highly competitive global economy, the value offered by traditional industrial hygiene (IH) programs is coming under greater scrutiny. To ensure future investment, industrial hygiene, health & safety professionals need to be able to show how IH clearly contributes to positive business results. And to do so, they need solutions that help translate their IH data into meaningful insights and actions. That’s where Cority comes in.

Watch Cority’s Erin Snyder, Manager of Solutions Engineering and Sean Baldry, Product Marketing Manager, as they showcase how Cority’s Industrial Hygiene solution can help organizations leverage the full power of their IH data to manage IH risks effectively while contributing to better business outcomes through improved efficiency, lower costs, and better data-driven decision making. This demonstration will cover how Cority’s advanced dashboards, reporting features and analytical insights can help elevate your IH program and the benefits it brings to your organization.