Worker Well-being

Promoting worker well-being means moving beyond a task-related approach to employee health. Protect workers from hazards that are conventionally considered unrelated to work by building holistic programs that harmonize and integrate health, safety, and well-being together. Employee health solutions can assist in integrating these wellness programs.

Arrive Healthy.
Leave Healthy.

A company that promotes worker well-being rejects the idea of separately operating programs such as worksite health, disability management, workers’ compensation, HR benefits, etc. Instead, integrate different wellness programs to combat issues like mental health diseases, loneliness, sleep deprivation, obesity, cardiovascular disease, poor work-life balance, long commutes, and much more. 

Get a handle on costs

Make Well-Being a Differentiator.

Invest in worker well-being to help your employees become healthier, which reduces the number of absences and workers compensation claims. This means your company gets to save on costs by maintaining high productivity and decreasing lost-time-from-work and claims.  

Mitigate Your Compliance Risks.

Health agencies all around the world are increasingly thinking about wellness and well-being, which means there are more policies and regulations that organizations must adhere to. It is important for your company to stay compliant and avoid fines by investing in worker well-being at your organization. 

make regulators happy

Your Reputation Matters.

At the end of the day, everything you do affects your brand, and there are consequences for a tarnished reputation. Become an innovator for employee well-being to show your clients, customers, stakeholders, and employees that you care and that they can trust you. 

6:1 ROI
$1 spent on employee wellness leads to $6 in healthcare savings (medical costs fall $3.27 and absenteeism drops $2.73). 
Of employees considered health-and-wellness benefits a significant factor when choosing employer.
US companies implementing wellness programs increased from 58% in 2008 to 70% in 2015.


Our clients often combine these solutions to reach their worker-wellness goals: 

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Industrial Hygiene

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Operational Performance

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Occupational Health

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