PPAP/First Article Software

Cority Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) Software creates an enterprise-wide platform for managing all first article documentation.

Cority PPAP / First Article Inspection Software helps your company reduce the risk of nonconforming products and delays.

The software allows your manufacturing sites to facilitate part change requests to suppliers efficiently by performing process audits from a company-wide perspective.

Our software features the ability to incorporate real-time data from other modules and documents to yield more reliable first article inspection results. This can help lower both production and warranty costs through quicker identification of pre-production problems.

Key Features Of This Module:


Create a company-wide platform to manage all PPAP/first article documentation via a single interface with an unlimited number of user-defined steps.

Consolidate Projects

Consolidate project protocols in one system that keeps track of personnel assignments and the level of assigned task completion.

Facilitate Part Change

Facilitate part change requests to suppliers efficiently by performing process audits from an enterprise-wide perspective.

Create A Submission

Create a submission, and then assign responsibility/notify the supplier that work needs to be done.

Works With These Modules:

document control

Document Control

Cority Quality Document Control software provides secure, fast and efficient documentation access to all stakeholders locally or globally with minimum administrative overhead and maximum control.

change management 1

Change Management

Cority Change Management/ Engineering Change Notice (ECN) Software takes the risk out of product management, incorporating modern elements of automation, version control, and workflows into the process.

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