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Leave the paper behind.

Companies understand the importance of Quality. Controlling nonconformances and quality issues before they are released into the supply chain is how companies reduce costs, protect customers and maintain their brand reputation.

With a majority of companies still managing quality via paper-based records, the process is plagued by inefficiencies, errors, missing approvals and other compliance issues.

Quality leaders need a QMS software solution that manages the entire nonconformance lifecycle while communicating changes across the enterprise – and the value chain – for greater collaboration.

"According to LNS Research, the industrial sector has made much progress toward the business integration of safety and quality. Companies that integrate achieve median results of 87% more capabilities, 17% fewer supplier defects, and 7% higher operating margins."
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Transform your Quality Processes.

Cority’s Quality Management Software (QMS) transforms how you manage quality processes and helps to advance your journey to operational excellence by streamlining and integrating your processes.

Empower your Workforce Across the Value Chain.

For decades, Cority has helped hundreds of organizations connect and empower their people with processes and technology across the value chain. Our simple-to-use Quality Management software drives improvements without compromising the effective management of regulatory requirements, standards conformance and customer mandates.

Your Quality Management Hub.

At its core, Cority serves as the hub for everything related to quality management. You gain actionable insight into performance, cost of quality and risk-related metrics (including supplier quality), production and customer satisfaction.

Streamlined and Automated Processes

Visibility across the Enterprise and Supply Chain

Integrated and Centralized Data

Our quality management software solution provides a streamlined approach to managing your company’s quality processes while ensuring compliance.

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One central repository for easy retrieval

quality supplier3

Increase functionality

You can increase the functionality of the Cority QMS Solution to extend outside the four walls of your organization to include your suppliers and contract manufacturers and packagers. The quality control software’s supplier portal allows partners to enter key contact and location information, accreditations and product documentation in one central repository for easy retrieval.

Ensure a complete audit trail

You can also include suppliers and contract vendors in your nonconformance investigations to trace back to root cause and CAPAs and ensure a complete audit trail. Vendor scorecards can track a variety of key performance indicators (KPIs) to monitor a supplier’s performance levels and alert management if adjustments are required.
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It’s time to eliminate the paper trail and fully automate shopfloor processes to enhance accuracy, efficiency, and continuous improvement efforts across the enterprise. Enterprise quality management software can help you achieve these goals and more.

Quality Processes

audit management

Audit Management

We’ve created a fully integrated and mobile-ready audit management system that digitizes the complete audit management process. Whether the audit is conducted internally, by a third party, or by a supplier. It then relays that information and documentation to the enterprise-wide platform.



Our customers use this solution to formalize their approach to documenting and addressing specific and systemic problems and then share that learning across the company.

change management 1

Change Management

Cority Change Management/ Engineering Change Notice (ECN) Software takes the risk out of product management, incorporating modern elements of automation, version control, and workflows into the process.

customer complaints

Customer Complaints

Need to transform the way you serve, satisfy and interact with customers? Cority Customer Complaint Management module can help. Cority manages every quality related customer interaction with a streamlined, configurable process and is designed to efficiently capture, manage and track outcome in a closed loop.


Document Control

Cority Quality Document Control module provides secure, fast and efficient documentation access to all stakeholders locally or globally with minimum administrative overhead and maximum control.

equipment management

Equipment Maintenance

Customers use the industrial equipment maintenance module to strengthen the management, documentation and scheduling of all preventive and reactive equipment maintenance activities.

employee training

Employee Training

Customers choose the Cority Employee Training Management solution when they need to transform their approach to training and competence management to support quality as an organization-wide responsibility.

control panel

FMEA/Control Plan/Process Flow

Cority FMEA / Control Plan / Process Flow Software is engineered to support enterprise quality and compliance initiatives in even the most challenging environments.


Gauge Calibration

Customers use the Cority Calibration software module to transform the way they track and control measuring devices and test equipment into a centralized system.


Inspection & SPC

The Inspection & SPC solution allows your organization to plan for and record the results of product testing to both confirm product conformity and to identify trends which might indicate future nonconformities.


PPAP / First Article

Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) Software creates an enterprise-wide platform for managing all first article documentation.

risk management

Risk Management

The Quality Risk Management solution takes a high level and abstract approach at giving a flexible context through which your organization can record risk management efforts.

Supplier Quality


The Cority Supplier Quality Management Solution transforms the way our customers engage, collaborate, track and improve all supplier related quality management activities in a secure and centralized system.

non conformative


Whether the source is a customer complaint, an inspection, an audit or is supplier related, IQS Nonconformance is designed to efficiently capture, manage and track in a closed loop.

"Cority made it possible to develop a robust quality management process for suppliers that we could quickly and seamlessly replicate across our entire global supply chain."
Kreg Kukor
Global Quality & Supply Chain Consultant

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