Take your Occupational Medicine Department to a New Level

ReadySet® for Occupational Medicine is a comprehensive, SaaS-based software solution used to manage business performance, streamline clinical operations, and provide quality services to community employer customers.

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Software built to meet the unique business and medical demands of occupational medicine.

Margins are thin, we know you need to operate as efficiently as possible

Your task is comprehensive. Your Occupational Medicine department is committed to providing the necessary medical services that your community employer customers require. Services essential to helping your customers address work-related medical concerns and comply with employee safety and health regulations. However, your customers have limited budgets which forces you to provide these essential services as efficiently as possible.

For Occupational Medicine departments, this means finding a system that can effectively manage and streamline all Occupational Medicine services. From scheduling appointments, to conducting clinical visits, through to customer invoicing and document sharing, ReadySet® for Occupational Medicine does exactly that and more.

ReadySet® Key Features & Benefits

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Integrated Employer Protocols

Integrated employer protocols and fee schedules, pre-built pre-placement, regulatory medical surveillance (e.g. OSHA, DOT), drug testing and related services smart templates to ensure accurate documentation and billing.

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Billing Suite

Billing suite that includes A/R management tools to ensure efficient, accurate invoicing and on-time collections.

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Employer Customer and Employee Portals

Realtime sharing of key information with designated stakeholders via the patient, employer and billing portals to reduce workflow interruptions, paper handling, and associated errors.

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Clinical Operations Tools

Electronic registration, scheduling, and clinical documentation to streamline operations. Clinical services time tracking to identify bottlenecks in your process. Data integrations and interfaces to minimize data entry and operate more efficiently.

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Workers Compensation Encounter Workflows

Workers Compensation encounter workflows that include state regulatory requirements, collaborative documentation and coding methodologies that justify the medical encounter for optimal reimbursement.

Industry-Leading Security

ReadySet, is an enterprise level, cloud-based technology platform, using highly scalable architecture for delivery to our customers. ReadySet adheres to some of the highest levels of security standards in the industry including HIPAA, NIST 800-53 and SOC II Type II.

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