Preparing Your Workplace to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19.


Make sense out of this chaos with Cority, the market-leading platform for employee health and safety.

The Cority solutions have been proven to help organizations operationalize their pandemic response plans, report on the health status of employees, contractors and visitors, and actively engage your entire workforce, ensuring critical controls are in place to lower infection risk.

  • Reduce unnecessary exposure by conducting virtual assessments using digital surveys including remote symptom tracking and triage
  • Build a culture of safety and work engagement with digital checklists. Enable frontline workers to easily assess whether critical measures are in place to control infection risks, and communicate their concerns quickly to management
  • Keep your workforce adequately protected by automatically ensuring workers are identified for fit testing at regular intervals, when they switch jobs, or even when supplies change
  • Ensure essential safeguards are in place with automated workplace inspections and audits
  • Simplify Contact Tracing through exposure notifications and monitoring programs
  • Improve efficiency through automation by providing feedback to the workforce on the safest next step(s) for new/unique situations


Managing Your Return to Productivity with Proven Solutions
  • Effectively Manage Worker Health Data
  • Easily Complete Contact Tracing
  • Identify Emerging Hotspots
  • Build Workforce Confidence
  • Rapid Deployment in just Weeks
  • Packed with industry best practice workflows, health surveillance tools.


Managing COVID-19 Hazards with Confidence
  • Engage your workforce in your response efforts
  • Keep your workforce adequately protected
  • Monitor program gaps to drive prompt closure
  • Build confidence in your data to drive better decision-making
  • Rapid Deployment in just Weeks
  • Packed with industry best practice workflows, auditing & inspection tools.

Effectively manage the impact of COVID-19 on your employees returning to work.

With Cority’s COVID-19 Return To Productivity Solution, your organization elevates its ability to effectively manage the
impact of the disease on your people and processes, and supports a reliable and efficient business recovery effort.

Gain one-stop access to all employee health data related to COVID-19 exposures, streamlining health data management across multiple sites and countries, increasing accuracy and ease in managing your response.

Integrate occupational health, safety, and case management data to engage the workforce with a holistic view of risk across the organization, supporting employee recovery and reducing the risk of further infection.

Built by our occupational health and crisis management experts to streamline and automate your business process in order to sustain productivity and monitor potential outbreaks.

Monitor the effectiveness of response efforts, employee health outcomes and other EHSQ drivers that impact business performance through advanced reporting and analytics capabilities.

Our ISO 27001 certified security features helps restrict data access to only authorized individuals and ensures employee health data is always kept confidential and archived in accordance with applicable laws.

Our turn-key solution ensures rapid deployment and easy user adoption at lighting speed.

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Business Benefits

COVID 19 Solution Modules Clinical Testing and Medical Chart

Manage employee health screening campaigns with efficiently and ease

COVID 19 Solution Modules Absence

Streamline employee absence tracking to ensure workforce availability that support business continuity

COVID 19 Solution Modules Business Intelligence

Improve data visibility to support effective decision making and transparency

Product Features

COVID 19 Solution Modules Mobility

Access to our highly responsive myCority mobile app

COVID 19 Solution Modules Questionnaire

Pre-configured questionnaires to support efficient return-to-work health screening & symptom tracking

COVID 19 Solution Modules Case Management

Pre-configured visual dashboards that offer real-time access to key indicators and actionable insights

COVID 19 Solution Modules Audits and Inspections

Simple, easy-to-follow layouts

COVID 19 Solution Modules Reports

Template for mass HR feed import to ensure your workforce data is readily available

COVID 19 Solution

Business rules to drive greater efficiency by automating notifications and surveillance program enrollments, and streamlining workflows

cority covid solution mobile

Manage your business in this “new normal” with confidence and ease

Cority’s Workplace Health & Continuity Solutions are designed to support clients in addressing the key challenges related to coordinating a dynamic pandemic response and business recovery effort.

Integrated workflows and data visualization tools give clients better oversight of critical data needed to drive accountability and improve COVID-19 response outcomes

A single unified platform streamlines crisis communications ensuring clients can quickly share data across the enterprise and make sound decisions that preserve health and maintain essential operations

By leveraging our responsive platform, pandemic plans can be easily adapted to changing circumstances without pulling resources away from front-line response, reducing change impact

Automated tools, integrated workflows and data analytics are all designed to help clients manage COVID-19 response more efficiently, removing non valueadded work, and giving their people more time to focus on the most critical priorities.

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“We were in the midst of implementing Cority across our organization when COVID-19 hit us. We soon realized that data was what we needed to manage our response. I really wish [we] had Cority right now!”
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