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2023 – Cority Recognized as a Leading Provider  for ESG Reporting and Data Management Software

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2023 – Environment + Energy Leader recognized Cority’s Investor ESG Management software solution. 

Supporting sustainability and ESG strategies across the entire value chain



Sustainability Management
Supply Chain Sustainability
Investor ESG Management
  • Data Collection

    Collect data using multiple data capture options from a wide range of sources, including energy, transport, waste, water and fugitive gases.

  • GHG Emissions Calculation

    Automatically calculate carbon emissions using 1m+ Scope 1-3 GHG factors including GHG Protocol, IEA, EPA, Defra and Scope 2 Market based methodologies.

  • Scope 1, 2 & 3 Analysis

    Full scope coverage capability, including value chain and supply chain

  • Reporting

    Flexible reporting to suit different stakeholders, a wide range of reports available in a comprehensive report template library.

  • Analysis Dashboards

    Dynamic and exportable dashboards enabling you to see your data at any granular level you need.

  • Target Tracking

    Dedicated dashboards to track and monitor science-based and net-zero targets, and consumption and emissions targets.

  • Data assurance and Validation

    Variance checks, data audit and data modelling. Define data thresholds, alerts and approvals so that your data is audit ready.

  • Frameworks & Standards

    Accredited content from CDP, SASB and GRI software partnerships

  • CDP Reporting

    CDP accredited content, modules and APIs for gathering, monitoring and responding to CDP.

  • Framework Mapping

    Link and map content across multiple reporting frameworks and against your own KPIs.

  • Risk & Opportunities

    Create, manage and report climate change risks and opportunities, aligned with CDP and TCFD.

  • Streamlined Reporting

    Manage and aggregate data for corporate ESG reporting in one place.

  • Flexibility

    Flexible reporting structure and customisation – create your own custom metrics and questions.

  • Supplier Footprints

    GHG emissions calculation for supplier company, site and product level carbon footprints.

  • Scope 3 Reporting

    GHG emissions integration with Sustainability Performance Management solution for Scope 3 reporting and targets.

  • Questionnaire Distribution

    Distributes best practice and bespoke supplier assessment questionnaires.

  • Risk Management

    Automatically assesses suppliers against user-defined risk criteria.

  • Action plans

    Remediate risks throughout automated supplier corrective action plans.

  • Scorecards

    Improves supplier performance through bespoke scorecards.

  • Audits

    Facilitates and manages internal and external audits.

  • Integration

    Integrates with ERP and supplier management systems.

  • Data Collection

    Collect any ESG metric you require by choosing from the question library or creating your own.

  • GHG Emissions Calculation

    GHG emissions calculations providing carbon footprints from primary data.

  • Flexible Reporting

    Analyze, export and filter data using dashboards and analysis tools and customise outputs by portfolio, fund, status, sector, geography etc.

  • Scope 3 Reporting

    GHG emissions integration with Sustainability Performance Management solution for Scope 3 reporting and targets.

  • ESG Question Library

    Framework-mapped ESG question library (CDP, GRI, SASB, SDGs, TCFD, PCAF, etc.)

  • Questionnaire distribution

    Create, distribute and track standard and/or bespoke questionnaires.

  • Alerts

    Due diligence flags to defined thresholds and alerts.

  • Scoring

    Custom scoring and weightings to ensure relevance and materiality.

  • Audits

    Third party approval and validation.

  • Insights

    Ratings, benchmarks, trends and insights to define and monitor KPIs.

  • Engagement Tools

    Secure messaging with data and document management.

  • Integration

    API integration and easy export features.

  • Stakeholder Engagement

    Permission-based access to portfolio, fund and company level analytics.

Unified platform

Centralize data across departments and programs for sustainability reporting you can trust. Integrate data into a single source to gain efficiencies by hosting while ensuring data integrity and consistency.

Enterprise scale

Sustainability is a concern no matter the size of your business and Cority can scale for small and mid-sized businesses to the largest enterprises or by the facility, location, asset, corporate, or portfolio level.

Engaged stakeholders

Easy-to-use multilingual software, available on any device, empowers a culture of sustainability for any stakeholder. Simplify and manage engagement with an intuitive interface.

Best-in-class sustainability and ESG software solutions

Sustainability and ESG solutions that scale and flex. Decades of sustainability industry expertise and a commitment to exceed our customer’s requirements.

Resources curated by sustainability and ESG experts

Field-Proven Enterprise Sustainability Management Needs Field-Proven Expertise

Our team of ESG and sustainability industry experts has created the following resources library to help its clients keep on top of the ever-evolving reporting landscape, industry news and current trends in ESG reporting.