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myCority engages and empowers employees to improve EHSQ productivity and outcomes on-the-go


occupational-health-doctorYou know the real benefits of EHSQ solutions only come through wide-spread adoption and usage. Ensuring your employees are motivated, trained and equipped to do their part can be onerous. This includes making sure mobile apps and employee portals are deployed in a timely manner, assigned tasks are completed on-time, you can report on their status, and share this information across the organization. It’s a lot of responsibility.



myCority, our next-generation EHSQ App makes it easier


Cority encourages employees to complete EHSQ activities through an intuitive interface that empowers them to complete questionnaires, audit checklists, event reports, SEG checks,  scheduling and more from a web browser – regardless of their device.

This approach drives operational excellence through streamlined workflows. It supports immediate and standardized data capture for real-time decision-making. Your organization benefits from increased transparency and a stronger culture of health, safety and sustainability.


Device Agnostic, Web Responsive Design

Online and Offline Capabilities

Personalized Mobile Experiences


With Cority’s Mobile Apps, your organization can:

Say good-bye to paper. Automated workflows enable all users to quickly complete actions and assigned tasks – providing immediate insight into task status.
Notifications and alerts, automated task assignment and tracking promote and enforce a safety culture.
Stay productive while offline by allowing users to complete and save their work while offline then submit it when back online.
Rapidly configure and deploy “solutions” by employee role to capture data into a comprehensive EHSQ platform.
Optimized for any connected device. A consistent user experience drives adoption, decreases learning curves and reduces the need to invest in new hardware.
Transmit information securely using multiple layers of security.
Each year Cority has continued to improve the product, trying to meet the needs of the customer and staying on top of technology trends.
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Quickly survey and schedule your EHSQ initiatives across your organization from any supported web-browser on any device.

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