5 Reasons Technology Leaders Should Adopt a Mobile-First EHS Strategy

Mobile-First EHS Strategy

This is the second of two articles which discuss Cority’s strategic movement toward our new mobile-first platform, myCority.

The benefits of going mobile-first are not just limited to the Business Leader. There are equally, if not more compelling reasons in which it makes sense for the Technology Leader as well.

One of the most valuable aspects of adopting a mobile-first architecture is that it effectively reduces the time, expense, and difficulties organizations face when embracing a culture of safety and sustainability.  Let’s dive into how that happens for you.

5 Reasons Technology Leaders Should Go Mobile-First

1. It Expedites the Deployment of a Mobile Strategy

It seems that mobility, IIoT, Industry 4.0, and Big Data are consistent headlines these days. Interestingly, when it comes to mobile adoption in the EHSQ industry, LNS Research reported that 24.7% of organizations plan to implement a mobile EHS strategy; meanwhile, an overwhelming 70.7% don’t have a mobile strategy and have no plans to implement one.

Mobile-First EHS Strategy

When it comes mobility, Cority has removed the complexity of one key component of real-time EHSQ data collection. Our approach means you’re ready to empower your employees with functionality that they can access from any device with any supported browser – delivering real-time access to data for improved decision-making.

Being able to harvest and use data from all forms directly ties into the Big Data projects companies are undertaking. Your organization can amplify the value and use of its EHSQ data by connecting other enterprise applications to Cority’s through its Application Program Interfaces (APIs).

2. Your IT Team has One Less Device / Operating System (OS) / App to Manage

“The average full-time IT pro goes way beyond the 40-hour workweek, putting in an average of 52 hours a week” 

– IT Manager Daily

You already know your team is overworked.  On top of daily activities in the workplace comes the management of mobile apps and devices. According to Gartner, “on average, companies are deploying between 8 and 15 apps to their employees.” But before even deploying an app, your team is responsible for selecting the device the app will run on, ensuring the operating system is current, and then testing and certifying the application on the device before rolling it out. Then, once everyone is up and running, inevitably your hardware vendor, OS developer, and/or application developer upgrades and the whole cycle starts again.

Cority’s approach eliminates the above scenario. Your employees use the devices they have (whether they are tablets, desktops or smartphones) and can complete their work assignments online or offline, which is great for those in sensitive or remote environments.

3. It Compounds and Extends the Value of your SaaS Investment

Since your employees are already using the software your team has performed their due diligence on, they can relax and enjoy the ample benefits that SaaS delivers, including ongoing application updates, security, and infrastructure management. Enterprise software solutions are often developed with the core application being released first, and mobile apps lagging behind. Cority’s approach ensures that all users are on the same platform at the same time with the same experience. This is an added benefit for IT support troubleshooting.

4. Your Information is Secure

When it comes to security, it’s important to note that we take a multi-faceted approach to safety.

The mobile first-design means that:

  • No sensitive data is stored on employee devices
  • All business logic is on the server with the browser acting as a thin client
  • Your organization is open to adopting a Mobile Device Management (MDM) application such as SOTI that can be incorporated to restrict who has access and when.

User-level security is enabled through a secure login where users must use their user name and password [note: the application supports corporate single sign-on (SSO)] with all data being transmitted between the browser and the server using SSL – just like online banking.

5. Your Stakeholders Will Be Happier

The explosion and adoption of SaaS computing has relieved IT teams who were feeling underfunded, overworked, and worried about having assets tied up in out-of-date hardware and software. These are internal challenges that you manage daily, along with KPIs, security, and more. And, they aren’t visible to your many stakeholders who want quick results.

When you combine all the reasons we’ve discussed above, you have a formula for a win-win across the organization. Your stakeholders have rapid access to the most recent version of their EHSQ solution which they can access using technology with which they are comfortable. This will allow them to work more efficiently, multitask in online and offline scenarios), as well as save time by shelving inefficient, bureaucratic tasks. Your management team has access to real-time information and can reap the benefits derived from higher employee engagement as well as those realized as a culture of safety and sustainability develops.  

Next Steps

To see for yourself how a mobile-first EHS solution can help drive operational excellence at your organization, request a demo of myCority.