Technical Highlights

Secure, Reliable Data At Your Fingertips

Cority is dedicated to ensuring that our customers can benefit from the features and functionality of our software in a fast, reliable, and secure environment. Our multi-tenant SaaS platform runs on an internet browser for intuitive, familiar navigation.

System Requirements

Client Workstation

  • Google Chrome 34 or later
  • Apple Safari 5.1.7 or later
  • Mozilla Firefox 3 or later
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11

Note: Cority Portal is not supported on Internet Explorer 8 or earlier.

  • Acrobat Reader 7 or later
Database Server
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 / 2012 / 2014, with the latest service pack
  • SQL Server Analysis Services (hosted on a separate server)
  • 2GHz+ x64 Processor
  • 8GB RAM (16GB recommended)
  • SAS Hard Drive, with Raid 10 (recommended)
  • Approx. 50KB per employee per year of disk space (e.g., for a company with 6000 employees: 6000 * 50KB = 300MB/year)
Web Server
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 / 2012
  • 2GHz+ x64 Processor
  • 8GB RAM
  • Microsoft Internet Information Server v7.5+
  • World Wide Web Publishing service
  • Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) service
  • Microsoft .NET Framework v4.0
SQL Server Database Connectors:
  • Microsoft SQL Server ODBC driver

Data Privacy and Protection

We also take data privacy and protection seriously. As an ISO 27001:2015 certified company, we adhere to strict standards regarding information security and data protection. We also certify compliance with Safe Harbor.

To learn more, download our whitepaper: “Data Security and Privacy in EHSQ Software”.

In The Cloud: Cority’s Hosted (SaaS) Solution

We are pleased to offer a popular hosted (software-as-a-service) model that relieves your IT team of the burden of hosting a software application in-house. Allowing us to host your Cority software at our highly secure data centers is a reliable, cost-effective and easy-to-deploy solution. Learn more about Cority’s hosted (SaaS) solution.

Third Party Software/Hardware

Cority interfaces with the following third party software/hardware:

  • Direct interface with PeopleSoft
  • Application based flat file import utility for the import of:
    • Demographic information
    • Legacy Data
    • Base table population
  • Front-end Import Utility for importing legacy data
  • Microsoft Outlook (Scheduling)
  • Microsoft Outlook (E-mail)
  • Lotus Notes (E-mail)
  • Microsoft Excel (Questionnaires)
  • Crystal Reports

Cority licenses only the Cority application. Clients are responsible for obtaining any desired third-party software and or hardware licenses.


The following interface with the Cority Software Platform:


  • Amplivox
    • 170 *
    • Otosure *
    • PC850 *
    • CA850 (6.0) *
  • Benson Medical
    • CCA-200 **
  • Micro Audiometrics
    • Earscan 3 *
    • Earscan EA 709 (5.0)
  • Monitor Instruments
    • MI-7000 *
    • MI-5000 (5.5) *
  • Oscilla
    • USB310/330
    • SM930
  • Smart Diagnostic Devices
    • Smart Tone *
  •  Maico
    • MA790 (5.0)
    • MA800 (5.0)
    • MA1000 (5.0)
  • Tremetrics
    • RA300 (4.0, 5.0) *
    • RA400 (4.0, 5.0)
    • RA500 *
    • RA800 *
    • HT Wizard (5.0) *

* For these audiometers, Cority provides a standalone Audio Import Program—a separate Web service for uploading audiometric test results into Cority. The Audio Import Program does not require Microsoft Internet Explorer or ActiveX controls. For information about Audio Import Program training, speak to your Client Services Consultant.

**When launching the CCA-200 software, you need to select the ‘BDI’ Database Interface type. The ‘BDI’ option is only available with the appropriate Plus package from Benson. The Plus package includes a USB key that must be plugged into the machine to which the Benson device is connected. With the USB key connected, the ‘BDI’ option will appear in the Database Interface drop-down list when you load the software and connect as admin. Note: To ensure you have the appropriate Plus package, contact Benson Medical Instruments.

To find out more about how Audiometers interface with the Cority Occupational Health solution, read the Audiometric Testing module description.


  • Amplivox
    • Spirodoc *
  • Benson Medical
    • CCS-200
  • ndd Medical
    • Easy on-PC *
    • EasyOne (5.1) *
    • EasyOne Air *
  • KoKo (4.0) *
  • OMI (Completed 4.0) *
  • Puritan Bennett
    • PB100 (4.0, 5.0)
    • PB700 Renaissance II (5.0)
  •  Schiller
    • SP10 (5.5)
  • Vitalograph
  • Depisteo Q13

* For these spirometers, Cority provides a standalone Spiro Import Program—a separate Web service for uploading PFT results into Cority. The Spiro Import Program does not require Microsoft Internet Explorer or ActiveX controls. For information about Spiro Import Program training, speak to your Client Services Consultant.

To find out more about how Spirometers interface with the Cority Occupational Health solution, read the Pulmonary Function Testing module description.


  • ASTM94 lab file (1994)
  • ASTM98 lab file (1998)
  • Gamma Dynacare
  • HL7 v2.2 lab file
  • HL7 v2.3 lab file
  • Quest Diagnostics Care360

Respirator Fit Testers

  • OHD Quantfit
  • Portacount first generation models
  • Portacount 8030 and 8038 models
  • Portacount 8020 and 8028 models

To find out more about how Respirator Fit Testers interface with the Cority Occupational Health solution, read the relevant section of the Training Software Suite description.

 Use Cority import standard v3.1 when importing Portacount FitPro+ files.

 Use Cority import standard v3 when importing Portacount FitPlus3 files.

 Use Cority import standard v2 when importing Portacount FitPro v2 files.

Drug Screeners

  • ASTM – 94 lab file
  • LabCorp HL7 lab file

To find out more about how Drug Screens and the Cority Occupational Health solution work together, read the Drug Testing module description.

Vision Screeners

  • Titmus
    • i500
    • V4
  • Depisteo VT1

To find out more about how Vision Screeners interface with the Cority Occupational Health solution, read the Vision Testing module description.

Electronic Signature and Capture Pads

  • Topaz
    • T-S460-HSB-R
    • T-LBK462-HSB-R

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